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  1. Not every single neighbourhood in a city is the "wrong neighbourhood" though. However, people who wanna rob will go to those areas because unlike IRL, it wouldn't take an hour for them to drive all the way there, due to the map size it takes five minutes.
  2. One thing I've learned from this thread is how the hell in the year 2022, on a completely different server from where the phrase originated from, does the term "mallrat" still exist. On a game that I don't even think has a mall? I've seen the phrase degrade from meaning a specific type of RPer (an ERP focused lesbian ultra rich despite having no job, hangs around at the mall all day with fancy cars character) to just meaning "legal RPer"
  3. And its no coincidence IMO that this kind of stuff shot up the second all the SAMP servers died. (Specifically LSRP)
  4. Btw this makes me wonder: Are there rules or standards set against deliberate escalation? Thats an issue I mostly come across in terms of RP quality issues. Clearly bored people who wanna start a shootout who know they can't provoke to start a gun fight for no reason or they'll get into trouble. So they decide to try and take offense to any little thing said so that they can start said gun fight and not get in trouble because they have a "reason" despite the reason being petty as fuck. I think we've all been in a situation like that, where no matter what the person won't calm down, no matter how nice and co-operative you're being, and you just know its because the player wants to use their gun.
  5. Its wild to see how much has changed in a year across everything. I mean obviously its the massive popularity boost since I'd say the server went from a 400+ to a 600+ online since around early - mid 2020.
  6. Be standing there, car pulls up to you. "Hey, GURL, need a ride?" "No thanks. I'm where I need to be" (which should be obvious from the lack of movement) "Fucking bitch." Drives off.
  7. Who wants to join my new faction? Here's a screenshot of us:
  8. People who came from the UK to live in LS Japanese people who are also street racers who were born in Japan or LS but speak like they're from the UK Korean people who look like Kpop stars who were born in South Korea or LS but speak like they're from the UK Lesbians, who are from the UK or were born in LS and speak like they're from the UK. Nothing against the UK but wow sometimes it feels like LS is set there.
  9. You're trying to over exaggerate the issue to prove your point by making it seem like entire characters are ruined because of this. I'm extremely aware of what you're trying to do here. In your example, the Red Sox are not a college baseball team. ULSA having a college baseball team and doing fictional reports on their college matches has absolutely zero impact on your character referencing the Boston Red Sox, a professional major league baseball team. Also a team that I haven't personally seen referenced in the history of the server, certainly not to the point in which an entire character would be ruined if their "lore" was changed, which is part of a sport who's entire teams I have never personally seen referenced in the history of the server, again, certainly not to the point in which an entire character would be ruined if "lore" was changed. How do you deal with this? The same way you deal with the fact that apparently California doesn't exist in this universe or something? and apparently San Andreas replaces it. Even though there are songs that play during clubs that reference the state of California. You do the exact same for this sports thing as that, you just ignore it and move on, because like the State of California, the Boston Red Sox aren't so massively interwoven into people's narratives that they completely destroy entire characters if something is changed about them. I've already answered this twice but I'll repeat because hey, third times a charm and it might get through to you this time. Strike while the iron's hot. There are people interested in doing this right now. Not in 7 months, not in 10 months, but right now. Having an active amount of members in 7 - 10 months isn't guaranteed. So there's no use waiting 7 - 10 months and risk losing interest just so that its the "realistically correct time", especially when there's interest right now, and enough interest to have a full active team. So you do it while there's interest, just like you would with any faction/sub-faction. The reason that the current sports teams can't play in a set time period is becuase, this might be a shocker to you, they're not actually a sports team in reality, they're a random person roleplaying a college athlete on a sports team. So while actual college, pro, amateur etc. athletes focus their lives around either playing the football season or prepping for it, because thats their life, the people RPing college athletes on this game have this other thing called, real life, where they can't spend all their time RPing training and team building, and studying other things, and prepping for the football season, and recruiting, because they have other obligations in this thing known as real life. This is a roleplaying game that people play for entertainment purposes, and waiting around for the "realistically correct time" is not entertaining, and is also time consuming, time that a lot of people may not have due to real life. And because this is NOT real life, you give yourself certain liberties, specifically liberties that make the process of whatever you're roleplaying more entertaining, such as time skipping the boring parts, such as, waiting for games to be in season. In real life, sadly, we can't time skip. If we did, I'm sure many of us would skip the boring parts, or the work related parts, and get to the fun parts, including athletes. They'd skip the waiting period and go to the playing period. You also have to realise that pros and college athletes IRL essentially play for work, while we're playing for well.. play. Work isn't always fun, and you have to endure the not fun parts because it's work. As a bunch of people just RPing a college athlete, they don't have to endure the not fun parts, we can get to the parts we want to the most e.g. playing the sports, because since RPing sports its a form of entertainment, it should be as entertaining as possible for the person RPing the sport. And not being able to do the sport until the autumn, isn't entertaining, in fact it's stagnating on character development, which is a big priority on this server. My next point. Also as characters people are playing for character development and don't wish to wait like 7 months just to even START their development, its far easier to just have the football games be now, even if it isn't "realistic." (as opposed to everything else on this server being hyper realistic right?) they wanna get through their development and plans for the character ASAP, again, for entertainment purposes, so thats another reason they can't play at a set time because it's also for developmental reasons too. And expecting them to change their entire RP schedule and risk losing active members and risk just even abandoning the concept because people are impatient and won't wanna sign up to something that requires that much dedication, all purely because when you read the report you randomly and weirdly got miffed it said "September" is a pretty dumb thing to do IMO. These reasons are the exact same reasons as to why we don't RP prison sentences being a year+ and have them be days maximum, why people RP going from 16 - 20 years old in like a year, why people RP going from interns who are rookies to high ranking paramedics/police officers in like 6 months, why politicians are only in office for like a year, why people can go from rookie politicians to senators in like 3 months, why ULSA students go from Freshmen to graduates in 6 months, why people go from dirt poor to millionaires in a month, why people go from like single to married in like 2 weeks it seems. If you have zero issues with any of these, then by default you can NOT have an issue with the sports team thing as they're doing what they're doing, which is playing the games out of season and not waiting ALL the way to autumn just so they can actually play, for the exact same reasons that these other examples time skip - because fun is priority. And if you don't like the way these other factions handle realism and time skipping either, then you're not on the right server. So I guess I'll pose this question back after typing up every single way I can think of for the reason why they're playing in March not September which is apparently the most important thing in the world now, if all these examples are able to time skip and not play in a set period, why can't the sports teams?
  10. That wouldn't be the case due to how little this has been brought up because it's not a key issue. More than likely the people who view it know its a silly ask to have an entire faction wait 8+ months just to get the RP they want/applied for, and that by that point, interest will have severely waned due to the long wait, and that having a sports game in the spring which apparently makes less than a handful of people (well I count 2 people) annoyed is the best alternative in terms of enjoyment for the people wanting to do this. Its what happened and there were still complaints in the discord. Apparently they shouldn't even be working out or anything judging by that one persons rant on discord, no reports on their workouts either, don't do anything until autumn. And I think the prison and election references were made as they were examples of enjoyment over realism - which as an RP server, enjoyment is key. This is just my opinion but I'd argue it takes priority over realism that realism can be bent sometimes. Obviously not full like magic and aliens and shit but, small stuff like this. prison sentences are shorter than they would be because it would not be enjoyable to have your character have to sit in a prison for 7 - 9 months. At some point you're gonna get very bored and quit the character. Same thing with sports. Expecting them to wait 7 - 9 months is not enjoyable. It guarantees two results: 1) They give up on the character because its "boring" or 2) They end up still playing the character but find something else during the wait that by the time comes around to RP, they're doing other things anyways at that point. And yes that character can do other things other than play games such as work out but I know that if I signed up a sporty student character by month 4 or 5 and I'm still not doing sports team RP which is what I signed up for I'd be pretty bored/pissed off and again, result 1 or 2 comes around. So I think enjoyment should take priority because its either this way or not at all, and if your option is "It should be not at all" then you should examine why a bunch of people doing something harmless that they enjoy bothers you so much because of this minor "unrealistic" thing that you feel the need to end their enjoyment of said thing. Strike while the iron's hot. People one the server's interest right now is not in baseball as they had trials for that and nobody showed up, its in football, not baseball, or basketball, football. And their interest in football isn't in 10 months, or in 6 months, it's now. So you do it, when people want to do it and are active enough that you can do it, you don't tell them "wait 8 months."
  11. Its played in Spring because people want to RP sports right now and telling them they have to wait half a year to play would essentially kill the concept because in GTA:W shit moves fast and people get bored easily, so by the time they're "allowed" to play, just to settle your mind, they'll have moved on. Delaying it until fall will completely kill interest in the concept. There are only two options: Its done now when there's interest and guaranteed people willing to do it, or its not done at all, there isn't a third option here. And if right now you think "Well it shouldn't be done at all" then you have to look inside yourself and ask why something so minor bothers you so much to the point you're willing to ruin a bunch of people's enjoyment and RP and an activity booster for the faction, just to settle your mind.
  12. I too will miss their one page of *pops molly* and *gnashes teeth*
  13. Username: Notanadvertisement Comment: Reminder that there are so many other security companies out there that are actually good and have always been better than G6. Its just G6 is the most well known. G6 falling apart due to its own methods is not the be all and end all for security, there are other, better security companies out there so there's no need/no point in defending G6. They're not good enough.
  14. Gadzookery


    I wouldnt say ban it because its not like immersion breaking or like rule breaking really, its not gonna negatively influence on your RP or even your experience here. But we may as well keep the thread up as a general PSA to anyone using it that your character does not look good on Faceapp. It makes your character look weird and shit. Not just bad, but shit. I know its annoying that the characters don't smile but stop using it as a way to make them smile it does NOT pull off the look you want. It makes them look creepy. Look up the Vampires from Buffy the Vampire Slayer on google. Congrats. Thats your character on faceapp.
  15. Username: Wallahi Comment: Big brain logic - Posting this kinda shit on a CCTV video everyone can freely access and watch which shows the guy did not in fact have a gun, very clearly and very visibly was not armed and expecting everyone to believe you when they can clearly just, view the video and see otherwise. Try harder next time.
  16. Username: Wallahi Comment: "Look at me I am edgy and cool. I do not care about things, look how brazen I am, look at how cool I am brushing things off. People DIE dude, get over it eugh whatever, why can't you be cool like ME and my furbait name. Who cares about people dying. Doesn't matter if you personally witnessed the event in front of you own eyes just like get over the fact you saw an unarmed man die." Big ass brain logic, if you're dying and need help I hope someone just goes up to and says "People die every day in LS get over it. Who cares?"
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