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  1. As one who has been at SAPR in the past, my general feeling is that things did not go as planned at all. It used to be a faction based on educating the public and protecting the state parks but it soon became the LSSD junior faction, which I personally, am very disappointed with. True, Park Rangers are LEOs in reality, but was that the faction's intention in the first place? Replace the sheriffs in the county? I do not think so... Do not get me wrong, the people at SAPR present roleplay at a high level, I just think their goal in the first place was one thing, and at the end, it is something completely different.
  2. Los (hotdog) Santos... Great nod, just remove some of them hotdogs stands!
  3. It's not needed imo and will look just weird...
  4. It's not gonna happen because people will always prefer respond to them "cool" situations instead of responding to their 20th corpse they just seen in the last hour, and then RP with themselves picking up the casings and never know or find the suspect(s)
  5. imo, it's just depends on the interest the members have about a certain call, if it's an interesting one, trust me you'll see there 10+ units in no time.
  6. Short description: Limit the amount of LEO members within the server. Detailed description: Right now, I feel like there are just too many LEO members on the server, true though, there is also a lot of crime going on and a lot of illegal players to deal with, but I, as one who roleplaying in a LEO faction, would be happy to see some restriction on how many LEOs can be on the server, Because as far as I understand there is currently no limit. I feel the ratio right now is not really right because as of now, on every niner or call there are too many LEO's responding in, even when they shouldn't or not needed at all as sufficent number of members already responded, and that's mostly due to boredom and inaction (sometimes), especially during peak times, when there are BUNCH of active LEO members online. I also think it will give more freedom to illegal roleplayers on the server, a little less supervision and more freedom, at the moment I do not know many people who have managed to evade the LEOs and it's just "not fair" and nearly to be not possible to do so. This will also improve the interest in having more roleplay for each of the LEOs, and also more freedom and fun for illegal roleplayers. How would your suggestion improve the server? Explained above.
  7. Common problem, unfortunately...
  8. Swag


    Withrawing my support then. It worked. /q isn't needed on that note.
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    Full support since ALT+F4 is bugged.
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