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  1. They are removed. We want unique peds walking around especially when it comes to criminality.
  2. https://mega.nz/file/GLIizBZB#8em2NOzl5UoZrUJO27Cip9X5rwK0ZLV9nc_5cW1MJi4
  3. I still got a "play.gta.world_22005" folder. Ill upload the files this evening.
  4. Update 2.0.10 Additions Added 'horn' to /sirenkey to change the horn keybind for people who have customized their settings. Turning a siren off will automatically put you in "Lights" stage. Synced Headlights & Highbeam by pressing H, remember to turn them on at night time! /vstats [target] to show the vehicle statistics to someone else. Changes Enable Radio Wheel back for non ELS cars. Enable Weapon Wheel hotkeys for non ELS cars ELS HUD hides after 5 seconds Added /hoist and /hoistto to the Va
  5. Update 2.0.8 Additions Revamped the sirens synchronization and added an Emergency Lighting System script, Emergency vehicles can now use 1-6 keyboard buttons to switch between different siren types. (PD 1-4, FD 1-3 ambulance sirens, 4-6 Firetruck sirens) Use SHIFT+E and SHIFT+Q to cycle through lighting stages (Off, Lights, Lights and Siren) NOTE: This is not an actual lights system it's just the name for the Emergency Lights and Siren System Disabled Native GTAV Radio wheel. Something is planned for this in the f
  6. Looking for an interior designer to design a video studio!
  7. Update 2.0.7 Additions Added a new pistol : M&P9, available in Ammunation Changes /highlight is now available to use on multiple players Hunting license is now back in license store All doors of the game are now opened, even if it wasn't opened on your save Fixes Morgue clientside errors Render clientside errors CEF Notification (which was broken since 1.1) Non-Collision Objects inside properties Fixed a bug where the count of players entering a property for the bonu
  8. Feature Showcase: Advertisements UI General Information Are you tired of the spam in your chat from all the advertisements? Or were you just too late to read up on an advertisement? Well good news, we have developed the Advertisements User Interface. This interface allows you to search through the specific advertisements (normal, business, company) and you can choose to toggle the chat advertisements off and get on screen notifications. Oh... and it supports Emoticons! Within the Ads UI we have also integrated a Calendar, with this calendar you can sc
  9. This is like spanish to me. What do you mean leaf effect? I dont want my game to look fully different just these dots gone from my interiors.. EDIT: I found your modpack, installed NVE and now the flies are gone
  10. Does anyone know how to remove these stupid things? I know a person with NVE who doesn't see these things.... But I don't want NVE but I do want these things gone inside interiors...
  11. Update 2.0.3 Added San Andreas Park Rangers vehicles Added SAPR radio frequencies, departmental radio compatibility Badges and Armour added to the uniform shop, they now also save and load when switching uniforms. Added over 70+ more wild animals around the county, a lot of rabbits so watch your driving as they might randomly cross your road! Changes Removed melee hit timer Fixes Phone store components calculation fixed Removed weird green/yellow/red color from Casino DLC penthouse inter
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