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  1. I dislike it personally as well, but people IRL may make their photos cringe too. Lets just stick to calling ppl out ICly lmao
  2. NSFW filter: Facebrowser is a software not developed by us. We can fix bugs and make minor adjustments but this would be a huge thing and will easily be overwritten with any update the actual developer pushes. So we choose to enforce the rule of NO NSFW, keep it in your DM's. Seen x hours ago: It was there before yes but it was broken as **, I tried to fix it but its simply not possible the way it handles and loads DM's. If you are ON the site and you get a DM its insta set as seen even tho you may have not seen it yet. Thats why it was removed. I'll run the NSFW thing
  3. Facebrowser - Appeal your ban Did our moderation team decide to issue a ban on your account and you believe this was unfair or that you deserve a second chance? You can fill out the format below and email it to the Facebrowser moderation team to discuss your ban. Appeal Format Facebrowser Username/Email: Ban Date: ((Forum PM this to @Selena and @St3fan[NL], they will forward it to the rest of the team. If you are un
  4. As the developer from Facebrowser, I'd like to say we're already actively discussing this subject within our Facebrowser moderation team. We've decided that it's falling under rule 19, because we also have IRL MINORS on the Facebrowser site. All the NSFW public content is allowed to be reported and will be removed immediately. Repeatedly posting it after having your content removed will result in a ban from the site and possible administrative actions against you within the game. NSFW in private such as DM's is allowed as this is not in plain view of the other users who
  5. Willing to negotiate on the camper. Call 85858
  6. Feature Showcase: Payphones General Information Do you not have enough money to purchase a fancy smartphone or did your provider fail to renew your contract? Don't panic, you can now use any of the public payphones to make phone calls! Several are to be found around the entire Los Santos City and County, each payphone belongs to a specific area, this way you know approximately where someone's calling you from. Are you stuck in prison but desperately need to make a phone call, ask a guard to bring you to one of the payphones located ins
  7. Make sure you put all the DLCs in correctly. I have zero issues with any file sent so far.
  8. There's no queue. Admins handle the ones they can and want to handle. Some reports require a specific admin level, and some reports take time which some admins don't have at that moment. If your report takes too long, make screenshots and report the player on the forums.
  9. Sounds more like an IC question you ask fellow "criminals". Asking this OOC here is sort of Metagaming because people will give you OOC tips how to evade cops ICly.
  10. Nope I checked them all and unchecked all my DLCs too
  11. Its 10000% not. I have no mods in my menyoo lol, only the GTAWorld clothing and furniture dlc's.
  12. Like I said. Its a GTA5 hairstyle which is not showing in RageMP. Its not a mod installed by myself.
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