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  1. Updated for new wall arts, 206 - 220
  2. rip lexi was an absolute pleasure roleplaying with her
  3. Looking to purchase a standalone house in Mirror Park, ideally appropriate for a growing family. Furniture is not a must, but appreciated. Budget of $1.500.000 Contact [email protected] (( Forum PM )) PH: #2208-5210
  4. Updated, thank you @Lomadias for supplying the images!
  5. Introduction With an influx of drinking establishments, it's no surprise that more and more players are filling roles as bartenders - and like any job, basic knowledge of what you're portraying is of the utmost importance. The intention of this guide is to reference commands, provide basic information and to most importantly emphasise the importance of quality. Commands Referenced from feature showcases, the most commonly used commands are as followed: /bar additem [ItemID] [Price] [Amount] - Adds an item to your shop menu. Owner and supervisor only. /bar removelisting [ListingID] [Amount] - Removes an item from your shop menu. Owner and supervisor only. /bar listing - Displays all items currently in shop along with listing ID. /bar help - Displays all bar commands. /createdrink [Base_Alcohol_ID] [Amount] [Name] - Create drinks using another alcohol as a base. For example - Someone orders a Gin & Tonic, you purchase Gin from the shop menu, input /items, then /createdrink 1 1 Gin & Tonic. /createitem [Recipe] [Value] [Name] - Create food or non-alcoholic beverages to go with your drinks. Do not use this command as a substitute for alcohol. /startshift - Begin working a shift. The bar script does not include a government bonus of 4k, so profit is earned through tips or your employer. Alcohol Beer (Logger, Pisswasser, Patriot, Corona, Modelo, Heineken) - Served in a pint glass or bottle. Cider - Served in a pint glass or bottle. Wine (Red, White) - Served in a wine glass. Whiskey (Scotch, Bourbon) - Served in a tumbler glass. Tequila - Served in a copita glass. Rum - Served in a tumbler glass. Champagne - Served in a flute glass. Vodka (Smirnoff, Grey Goose) - Served in a tumbler glass. Absinthe - Served in a brouilleur glass. Sake - Served in a wine glass. Brandy (Cognac) - Served in a snifter glass. Gin - Served in a highball glass. Most places will charge $100 for Beer and Cider, $200 for Absinthe, Gin, Sake, Brandy, Tequila, Whiskey, Vodka and Rum, and $300 or more for Champagne, Wine, and Cocktails of any kind. The prices listed here are not a requirement. Alcohol can be purchased from liquor stores scattered around the map or from players. Cocktails Perhaps one of the most intimidating things a patron can order, preparing a cocktail becomes less of a burden when prepared with proper resources. - Have a cocktail menu prepared. This will reduce the infinite possible drinks a customer can order and allow yourself to research drinks prior to roleplay. - Google cocktail recipes. Do not copy and paste from them directly, but read over a recipe and re-write it in your own words. Other Drinks Some establishments will also sell coffee, tea, soda or juice. For simplicity, it's recommended to stick strictly to alcoholic beverages and water. As a general rule, non-alcoholic beverages are priced at $50 - Water being free. Expectations Like every job on the server, you're expected to roleplay your every action - And bartending is no exception. The most basic procedure you can take when someone orders a drink could go as such: /me turns around towards a set of coolers, kneeling down and pulling a fridge open. They grab a beer and shut the door on a pivot, popping the cap off and setting the drink down onto the counter. The general idea is going beyond a simple /me serves drink or /me prepares the requested cocktail. The effort put in immediately creates a more detailed scene just by going the extra mile when preparing somebody's drink - And customers will genuinely appreciate it over a single sentence. In regards to cocktails, yes - They will require more effort and time to prepare, but again, it's all about providing realistic and entertaining scenes. Provided below are two examples of preparing a cocktail, being a Tequila Sunrise. After a quick google search, a recipe can be found and repeated. YES - /me reaches for a tall glass, setting it aside briefly as they collect a bottle of tequila off of a shelf and tilt it carefully over. They then draw open the fridge, reaching for a jug of orange juice and pouring the contents down into the glass. After stirring together, they scoop ice within before drizzling grenadine down the side. They slide an orange wedge and cherry onto the rim, placing it down onto the bar. NO - /me pour tequila and orange juice in a tall glass. Scale up recipe as required for your glass side (1 part tequila to 3 parts OJ) Mix, then fill with ice. Drizzle grenadine down the side of the glass over the back of a teaspoon (see video). Do not mix! Garnish with orange slice and Maraschino cherry. Responsibilities Serving alcohol requires an understanding of legal responsibilities. Alcohol can cause harm if misused, therefore it's important to minimise any possible risk when selling to patrons. NOTE - What's listed here is not an OOC requirement, but can have IC consequences. Consider your character and how they would react. Age - In the USA, it is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 21. The risks of selling to underaged customers include putting their own health at stake and the potential of them informing police. It should be common practice to use /ex on everyone that enters the property, and ensuring you're asking for ID. Drunk Customers - Although difficult to tell when someone is drunk, a limit should be put in place to reduce the risks of an intoxicated patron becoming a danger to themselves or those around them. Smoking - In the state of San Andreas, it is illegal to smoke indoors unless a specific room is implemented that allows smoking. Refusing Service - Refusing service should be done professionally. State the law to a customer, apologise, and state that they're welcome to come back another night. Escalation - If a customer is complaining or dissatisfied, it's expected to listen to their complaint and seek a solution. Raising your voice or arguing with a customer will result in them potentially informing as many people as people, likely leading to a loss of new customers. In the case of a customer threatening you, either verbally or physically, asking them to leave or calling the police are viable options. Taking Action - If a fight breaks out, you should only use physical force as a last resort. Always ask aggressive patrons to leave, guide them to the door, or call the police. Bartending Terms Chill - Placing a glass into a freezer briefly, so a cocktail can be poured into a chilled glass. Double - A drink with a doubled amount of alcohol from a regular recipe. Garnish - Decorative item added to a drink, e.g: cherries, orange zest, mint. Last Call - Informing the patrons that the bar is closing and it's their last chance to get a drink. Muddle - Crushing up ingredients with a tool called the muddler. Neat - Straight from the bottle - No ice, just pure drink. On The Rocks - Liquor poured over ice cubes. Top-Shelf - High quality liquor reserved on a top-shelf, hence the name. Rim - Wetting the rim of a glass with lime juice and pressing it into salt, sugar, etc. Shot - 1.5 ounces of liquor, consumed in one go. Virgin/Mocktail - A drink with no alcohol. General Tips / TLDR - Always roleplay your every action. Similar to a mechanic, you're expected to describe your entire process while working. - Never use /createitem to make alcohol. - If you're not sure what a customer is ordering, google it! - Ensure the bar is stocked before an opening. - Take your time, in the end it's all about having fun.
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