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    Buyout contact me when you can.
  2. How long is this auction lasting?
  3. I got 150k, lemme take this off ur hands I know you been trying to get it gone for 3 weeks
  4. Headlines: Shooting in Southside Los Santos. Article provided by: Anonymous User: A young man aged 21, was sent to the hospital today after a shooting on the corner of Grove St. at a local gas station around 4:30 PM. Security cameras has caught an unmasked but armed man discharging is weapon at another unarmed civilian. The victim involved in the shooting said it was a retaliation, and that the shooting permanently scarred him mentally and physically. Justice is searching to be served, and if you have any information or details about the shooter, please contact the LSPD. **There would be a link that directs you to another website, there is a caution advisory above the link since this video contains graphic footage** https://streamable.com/dmsg5b
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