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  1. I believe you can have a decent following for a punk band as long as it stays active. I can think of around 20+ characters that are into punk, there's just never any events that bring them all together. Maybe a solid band/business/project/faction can help. I've yet to witness a hardcore punk band done right too; all the ones I've seen either weren't real punk, were too pop/clean, were racist, or didn't try to organize shows (or died out before they could). It would also be cool to see backyard gigs happen one day instead of relying on clubs/promoters. All ages, cheap beer, noz tanks, no security/staff, just DIY. Shit like this.
  2. Are there no other places for projects in that area other than where the Davis Mall is? The Slauson Swap Meet/Super Mall is lowkey iconic. It'd be kind of weird to remove its in-game equivalent.
  3. You won't be homeless for long cause I'll pull up and give you 20k and a place to stay
  4. IDK why people argue semantics re: soccer's popularity in the US. No matter where it's ranked, it's still seen as a little girls sport (coincidentally the only people I knew who played it did when they were kids and they did have overprotective moms) and as "soft" (players diving). People aren't gonna watch Chelsea vs. Arsenal at 8 AM and the MLS sucks compared to other leagues. It does have its large following of course, but your average guy groups are gonna talk about football (Rams, Chargers, Raiders, 76ers, Cowboys, etc) and the other bigger sports. In-game it's the other way around. People that act like everyone should be talking about Mo Salah instead of Kyler Murray are just mixing their real life interests with those of their characters.
  5. We need a Walmart where all the kids can work before they clock out to go shoot some opps. The self-checkout lane can host unscripted MMA fights between people of all backgrounds and weight classes. The characters from Blaine can come to walk around barefoot or ride mobility scooters. The power trippers can make a Walmart faction and be the shift managers bossing regular employees around. The Loss Prevention team can all be armed guards that shoot you down in the parking lot after you shoplift a bag of Halloween leftover Reeses cups. Mobsters can come steal all the shopping carts and sell them to pawn shops for scrap parts. The possibilities are endless.
  6. No offense but sitting still in-game for an hour or more is hella boring. I can see why people wouldn't want to commit to it. The way I always did it is, whenever the conversation dies down or role play gets repetitive, I write "/do The tattoo process continues for X amount of hours" and wrap it up instead of holding people hostage. 20-30 minutes is enough time to get the point across that the person is stuck in the studio for awhile.
  7. This will make robbery role play even worse than it currently is. Robbery victims will become homicide victims. 99% of robbers on the server will shoot if someone tries to fight or flight. Emotes will go down the drain even more, because when robbers are midway through typing how they smell like they haven't washed their ass in two weeks, the victim will start fist-fighting them or take off Usain Bolt style. People who need rules to tell them how to behave will use it as an opportunity to get out of robberies if they have the slightest chance to keep their items or come out as a winner (main character syndrome). All in all, there's a reason we have this specific rule tied to a specific scenario. Also I guarantee you, no one will just hand you over their weapon if you write a few emotes about potentially disarming them. They'll just shoot you. Your SWAT character trying to disarm a 15-year-old will get shot down immediately. The girl character running away in an open parking lot will get shot in the back. The character with some sort of special background? He'll get shot down. This doesn't really change anything except people will get killed instead of only getting robbed. So am I in favor of this suggestion? I love chaos, so yes.
  8. I disagree it should be a crime-free zone (at any time) because Venice Beach isn't a nice area at all. There's a lot of homeless people camping, drug addicts shooting dope, fist fights, assaults and beatdowns, knife stabbings, car break ins, petty crime, etc. Two guys in ski masks aiming guns at your head on the boardwalk outside a smoothie bar might be a bit extreme but I find it an act acceptable enough to simulate a not-so-safe area with.
  9. I wouldn't say you need a SHARP faction but more like mixed-race crews/gangs like the ones I listed (Unity is the only one I'd say is kinda SHARP), so that way they can function as factions aside from one agenda, be a bigger part in shows, and even do crime stuff. They wouldn't necessarily fight-on-sight white power skins, but instead add depth to the music scene so the only ones supporting it in an organized way aren't the white power gangs cause IRL they're a tiny minority in the punk scene in SoCal. Then through that you can naturally progress to have some more progressive characters, anarchists, left-wingers, etc. And yeah, it'd be fun to have rival crews at shows get into it sometimes in a controlled way.
  10. I don't think there's any room or purpose for radical politics. But I'd like to see more woke/anti-racist characters on the wave of BLM/ACAB/Abolish ICE/Stolen Land etc to balance out the casually racist characters. I'd also like to see more punk characters tied to groups and the music scene instead of random crusties/antifas/sharps roaming around. Gangs/crews like Unity 21; Hollywood LADS/Hollywood Rat Patrol/Hollywood Dogs revivals; East Side Punks and East LA inspired groups; Venice Suicidals; or groups like the Pyrate Punx; etc. to balance out the racists in the music scene.
  11. IDK why people hate on stereotype characters. Most of the working class immigrants I've met IRL (Mexican, African, Eastern European, Asian) were pretty stereotypical culturally/socially and always stood out. Nothing wrong with it but most of them lived up to a certain type of interests/behavior you'd expect. The thing about Russians on page 6 is pretty spot on minus the gopnik stuff and fighting.
  12. The faction system should be designed in a way where official/unofficial doesn't matter. That way there won't be crying about who was made official and who wasn't, whether someone in the staff shows favoritism, which faction deserves something or doesn't deserve it, or issues that get rinsed and repeated across different communities. That way people can just focus on in-game and staff resources can be concentrated on other stuff. That's the ideal system and fix in order to not have threads like this being made.
  13. I never know WTF they're asking me when I'm being treated for injuries.
  14. I think it would be cool to see even more Hispanic/Latino characters than there currently are. They should be the majority group IMO so I feel they're still underrepresented even though there's a lot of them. The more-unique ethnic groups I can live without.
  15. If you're making shootout videos you usually view that as the highlight of your gaming experience and the epitome of fun in role playing human lives. People that get drawn to the game through shootout compilations, as opposed to creative writing and role playing, are usually newbies. Go on YouTube and scroll through the random [GTA: World] shootout videos with all the gangsters headshotting cops and running in circles shooting up neighborhoods, look at who's behind them, and usually it'll be someone with the mindset I described. Bootlickers IRL only RPing as cops isn't much different than my other examples and their role playing range is probably as big as Bruce Willis' acting range. Knowing how much buttons deputies have on their shirt, or what internal processes are like, doesn't automatically translate into the ability of skillfully portraying the life of an adult with a career in law enforcement -- being adept at role playing does. Talking to people on voice chat just puts role playing in the background and makes you focus less on writing, plus there's a ton of shitty factions in history that were banned/closed for it, or casually invited in metagaming. If you're let's say 28 years old and you don't have your shit together to the point where you can't get along with most groups you partake in, it's certain the shitty attitude will show through mixing IC/OOC via a character at some point.
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