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  1. Then the bet goes over to Fallacy time till tomorrow 15/01
  2. If the bet doesn't go over $110,000.00 till the 15/01 the apartment will go to Hendrix Jackson!
  3. You are able to park you're vehicle infront of the building or if I'm not tripping you should be able to park it in the back there should be a lil parking. And sure feel free to dm me 😉
  4. West Vinewood, Spanish Avenue
  5. Adress: West Vinewood, Spanish Avenue Market Price: $90,000 Starting Price: $95,000 Please be aware: No bids beneath the starting price will be accepted. Room 1: Room 2: Room 3: Room 4:
  6. Brxwnii


    They ain't ready for this! Culver City!
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