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  1. yeah that's exactly what it is. I for one would go back and give it a shot if they would finish it.
  2. idk same as why people went back to wow classic when they have retail. some just prefer the older version. their discord already has 7k people
  3. i liked samp more because gtasa rudimenrary mechanics made fights, shootouts better for a multiplayer context imw. i also do not think it will be like samp was but i can only hope 🙂
  4. https://futuregaming.io/gaming-news/gta-trilogy-samp-multiplayer-mod/ What you guys think of this? SAMP was dope AF.
  5. Name: Jerry Kent Bid: Buyout Contact Information: 1037945 or pm here Comment:
  6. If you thought RP is more important you would just get a truck drive it around places and take your time to RP it in high detail. Instead you are complaining about a system that requires players to put in some work before they can make money with the biggest trucks.
  7. I would hate it i think the system is fine as it is
  8. I love it. I hope it stays like this I actually would love it if they increased the required number of deliveries you need to deliver with a Pounder to 1000. Also yes I'm into it for the money same as everyone who has ever picked it up. It's what jobs are for.
  9. What you are proposing is a system which coukd easily be abused by companies whose interest is to make more money therefore promoting more drivers even when they are not up to the rp standards. I strongly am against anything which allowws you to drive a big truck without putting in a lot of work first as that would lead to massive numbers of trucks on the roads and in front of businesses all the time.
  10. In real life you would still need to do some easier deliveries perhaps even with lighter vehicles before getting assigned on a big long haul rig which pays better. Granted you probably would not neccessarly mean to drive a van however you won't get assigned to the highest paid drives right away. That experience which you need is simulated in game by the need to start with smaller vehicles first. Perfectly fine.
  11. Lmao all these people 'i just wanna do truck rp i don' t care about the cash'. Yeah you do nobody cares about truck rp you just want to make 2k per run withiut putting in the work first. If all you cared was rp and not the cash you d get a truck dr8ve around and just /me the commands because that is totally possible.
  12. It is possible to drive any kind of truck and RP all you want :D. It's just not possible to make money with a Pounder unless you have the required number of deliveries tou :D
  13. Any job is 'grindy' to some extent. When you join the LSPD you don't become a Lieutenant because you 'want to RP a high ranking police officer'. You start as a cadet or whatever is called and work your way up the ranks. Most jobs work like that you have to work your way up. I'm not very familiar with trucking in real life but I assume obtaining a license to drive a big truck and be trusted by companies to go on high reward deliveries also takes some time and experience and this 'grind' that you complain about can in some way simulate the work one needs to do in order to achieve that on the server. Most people suggesting this care very little about 'the lack of RP in trucking' and more about the fact that they can't get 2000$ per run from the start. Surely if everyone could do that amount when they hit 20 hours of gameplay we would have probably 80 percent people on the server driving Pounders and that would do things way worse than they are now.
  14. -1 because if this would be implemented we would see 100000 Pounders driving around 24/7 and would probably cause problems with the economy as someone above said. Even people who are not interested in trucking would pick it up if they can earn 2000$ per run from the start without working it up. Probably the whole server would be trucking. The system is fine it is as good as it can be on this server.
  15. Hello. You can consider this if you wish: If you are interested contact me.
  16. Looking for 1 tenant. From now on the property will be leased to only 1 person at a time.
  17. As a Pounder driver I agree that most of what you are proposing here would be very nice indeed. However as someone above mentioned I don't think it's very feasible to implement all these due to the limitations there exist in a virtual world as opposed to reality. I will address what I think would not work below. - Long hauls only for Pounders Bensons Sure realistically a Benson/Pounder would only go to a business that requires a lot of crates(to avoid making more runs at the same business) and preferably a long haul...but in real life a trucking company knows in advance what will be delivered and when...they do not have their drivers just check their log for deliveries and choose one then hop on the truck and go to the destination. So what they do next is they decide what type of vehicle from their fleet is suited depending on distance to delivery point and quantity(weight, etc) of goods to be delivered. In real life a big truck would only be sent to a business that requires a lot of crates. However, on the server the quantity of the goods if also not known in advance. It is decided as people go and use a scripted business that requires them to operate. So unless you also come up with a retweaking of how businesses operate I don't think this will work to well. Surely having a Pounder embark on a 'long distance' haul to deliver 3 crates to a business that is far away from the depot would not be much of an improvement to the actual job. I think there are also other many variables that can't be all taken into account in a virtual world for this to work similar to how it does in real life. - Getting paid for distance driven Do you mean the straight line distance between the loading point and the destination point? Or the actual miles driven while on the road? Because in real life you would obviously get paid by the amount of miles your wheels are spinning and in game this could so easily be exploited by driving longer routes especially if there is no limit on how much you can get paid for distance. I don't think this could work in game very well tou I may be wrong. - Dividing the jobs In real life I assume there are companies who own both vans and trucks(and serve various types of businesses both long haul and short haul) and companies that own one type(that specialize in either one). In game this would only complicate things script wisely as there would be a need for two types of scripted businesses instead of one to supply all the businesses across the map. I think the effort of creating more businesses that do pretty much the same thing would be better of focused on creating a new type of business that does something new and unique. Once I wanted to suggest the idea of changing the businesses model a bit and make businesses such as car services that require automotive parts require more parts and have only Pounders/Bensons deliver to those while letting vans deliver to 24/7s and other small shops which would realistically require fewer/smaller parts to operate. But I changed my mind as again there are too many variables for that to work. - The tacometer Is there a device in real life truck that gives a popup to supervisors/LEOs when the truck is speeding? I've never heard of that and I know for a fact that at least in my country truckers break the speed limit very often and it's up to speed cameras, LEOs that spot them to take care of them.
  18. You don't have to grind if you don't like it you can still drive a Pounder and roleplay everything with 0 deliveries. You won't be able to use /startshipment in a Pounder but you can still RP if that's all you care about and not the money.
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