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  1. Donated. Wish her all the best.
  2. Much love, thanks for fun times 💕
  3. Buyout if above doesn't buy it
  4. Buyout if above doesn't take it
  5. +1 Would OP's suggestion of having underground doctors/mob doctors not help with this issue as well? Maybe not fix it completely, but it would mean not every gangbanger etc would be in need of legal medical care and can help free up some of those calls?
  6. I support this. It could could also give troublemakers/kids a chance of causing trouble in relatively harmless way, compared to the more common robbing and car boosting. I've had rp before that revolved around rping shooting paintball at others and it was quite fun and different. The screens below are example of that.
  7. Looks awesome, from personal experience I can say that this is one of the very few factions that don't jump the gun and gun down people over the smallest reasons. Keep it up! 👍👍👍
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