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  1. Username: KeyboardWarrior Comment: Be that as it may, the Democrats are doing the same thing by putting out advertisements that put words in the Republican's mouths. That's slander, no matter how small. Sure, I think it's ridiculous that Republicans had to send a cease and desist letter for something so small and minuscule. The Democrats are more clever with it, but it's still the same shit. It's always them fighting over who's better rather than trying to come to a middle ground. It's like a bunch of kids fighting over toys in a sandbox. Neither one of them has my vote. They both do the same shit, Democrats are just better at sugar coating it so it doesn't look so bad. Every political campaign is the same. "Come to our side, because the other side sucks." It's such bullshit.
  2. Username: KeyboardWarrior Comment: When you're in an official political position that she is in, I absolutely expect her to act like it. This is always the problem with Democrats. They never take accountability for their own actions. It's always someone else's fault. I'm not saying I agree with what they said to her friend, but that automatically makes it okay for her to take action and insult someone else back the way that she did? Absolutely not. "They did it, so that makes it okay for me to do it." What is this, kindergarten? Get off your fucking high horse man. I call it like I see it. Both sides fucked up. Problem is that she works for the Democratic party in an official capacity and the Veterans don't. Her behavior isn't excused because they threw the first stone. Have some standards.
  3. Username: KeyboardWarrior Comment: What about Chloe Collins? I don't see Democrats standing up for Veterans by letting her retain her position as the Democratic Committee Assistant Director after saying such heinous things about Veterans in Los Santos. She should've been fired the second it all got out. Looks like the same shit. They will protect their own interests before the people of Los Santos. That bullshit apology? Yeah that was just to cover her ass. Don't believe it for one second. The way I see it both sides are bat shit stupid and we're screwed either way.
  4. Username: KeyboardWarrior Comment: Oh my. You don't think the Democrats will do the same thing if they are voted in office? I can't wait for your response about "trusting" them at their word..... You poor naive little soul. Both sides are going to say whatever they have to say to get voted in and then do whatever the fuck they want. They don't give a shit about you or anyone else. Politics are a huge joke and nothing but a popularity contest that ends up with people in office who want nothing but power to serve themselves.
  5. This existed when the business / government site was up and running. People could apply for grants/loans to help inject money into their business. I'm sure it will be started up again once they get it all organized. The starting money is given to the people because this is still a video game at the end of the day. Not everyone has several hours a day to stay on and earn money. Many of us work full-time jobs and play this for enjoyment. Being able to afford a realistic house or the average car shouldn't be a grind and that's why the starting money is given, so these things are affordable to everyone from the start.
  6. I want to piggyback off of @StoneFire's thread HERE but keep it separate so it doesn't get lost in replies: Short description: Create additional features to enhance car dealership role play & make the hiring of employees more useful. Detailed description: Allow the car dealership script to use /bmanager to keep track of purchases and have the business bank used to make vehicle purchases, rather than using a player's personal bank. This would allow the dealership owner to set a commission % similar to how 24/7 commissions work when items are sold. This could also increase the amount of role play between the owner, manager and employees. Owners would have to be more careful about who they hire on as staff, considering they will be using business funds to purchase cars when people come in to trade-in or sell them. Now to clarify, employees won't be able to actually access money to withdraw, rather just be able to use new commands while on shift at the dealer which will pull from money that is in the business bank. Commands to add: /dealersellvehicle ID (Similar function to /sellvehicle) initiated by the person selling the car to the dealer. This will allow the employee on shift at the dealer to /dealerbuyvehicle ID confirm and thus pull funds from the business bank. As long as they are on shift, they have access to drive/move vehicles if it functions like a business garage as @StoneFire mentioned in the other thread. Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? I think this would lower the barrier of entry for people who want to bring more RP to the car dealership scene. At this current point in time, players must already have a sizeable amount of personal script cash to work as a dealership employee since they have to be able to purchase vehicles from players coming in to the lot. This feature would make the entire business more realistic, where employees will be held accountable for using business funds. I can see this helping dealership owners being able to hire more frequently and potentially have people participate who are willing and able, but don't have as much script cash to use themselves. Additional information: N/A
  7. There's a fundamental issue with people misunderstanding how our economy is supposed to be portrayed. It's not supposed to be compared to a real life economy. A real world $ is not equivalent to a GTAW $. Nervous stated this many times and it's also stated in the main Economy thread. We aren't supposed to have real world prices on items. The economy has been inflated on purpose, outside of car & housing prices. This is also stated in the Economy thread. The issue is that I've seen people say they refuse to role play the economy as anything other than one IRL $ = one GTAW $ and it screws up the entire design. That's not how GTAW management intended the economy to be, which is why we get $500+ hourly welfare paychecks and make $4000 an hour at most jobs. Items are supposed to be more expensive. Anything from illegal products to entry fees at a business. It's supposed to be higher than real life because the economy was made with that intention.
  8. This was already suggested within this one yesterday, or at least implied if they would use a UI for a fake ID then it would be used for a real ID as well.
  9. Supported. I don't see any downsides to providing more options.
  10. LOL no it doesn't. I see people in Bensons doing the same thing. The grind just makes people use their time with a tedious, non-interactive job by themselves instead of trying to actively role play with the company or other people. It does nothing but take away from role play, not make them better at it. There's no incentive to being a good employee because the trucking rank has nothing to do with the company but an OOC script. You basically get promoted by grinding, not by role playing a good employee. This doesn't promote quality role play, just more mindless grinding.
  11. Username: ConcernedCitizen Comment: You're probably voting Democrat, aren't you? Wouldn't be surprised at all. They'd probably welcome you with open arms the way you talk to people. Bravo.
  12. Username: ConcernedCitizen Comment: Hypocrite. If you wanted to provide each and every service member with the dignified support they deserve, you should have been outraged by the decision of your own party to not remove Ms. Collins from her post as the Democratic Committee Assistant Director. I've seen nothing from you since the incident to suggest otherwise. You've been silent. Calling Veterans mass murderers only gets you a "final warning"? Despicable. Disgraceful. Her "apology" is just to save her ass and her job. She would have never said it in the first place if she didn't believe it. You should be ashamed of a party who is willing to associate themselves with anyone who acts and speaks like that. These men and women fought for this country and as a Veteran yourself, you should've been the first one to speak out against this woman whether she was part of your own party or not. Democrats clearly don't support veterans and anything you say from this point on is just empty words until that woman is removed from her position and denounced by the Democratic party.
  13. I fixed it in Menyoo. Just messed with the blending until it looked right. Definitely didn't carry over correctly though.
  14. IC issue as far as I'm concerned. If people want to drive over there in their expensive cars and act like it's not an unsafe area, then they deserve whatever happens to them IC'ly. Report them for RP quality if they take it too far, but I think it's best if they learn their lesson in-character. It's Davis. They shouldn't be going over there without any fear of the area but if they do, hopefully the surrounding players will act on it.
  15. It's quite simple. 1) Pay employees a commission percentage based off of the sale price of the vehicle instead of an hourly wage. Calculate what you can reasonably pay them to where your balance sheet still comes out positive. 2) Adjust your buy/sell model to account for the sales tax. Don't buy too high and sell too low. This takes a bit of math, but if you're in it for the RP and actual enjoyment of being a dealership this won't be a hard task. Also, what's wrong with only making $5,000 a car after it's all said and done? Sounds pretty decent to me especially at the rate most dealerships buy and sell cars.
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