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  1. Well, considering that you have to pay over 200 dollars for a shot of whiskey, someone offering you a few hundred dollars shouldn't be seen as TOO much. It's just the economy on GTAW.
  2. Big shoutout to @Frezemis for always being there when needed. And @Pillsbury already knows what the fuck he's doing, keep it up bro. Appreciate both of ya and keep up the good work.
  3. Username: theresonly2genders Comment: hahahahahahahahahhahaha, fuck outta here stupid, stick to being a farmer
  4. Username: Theresonly2genders Comment: shut the fuck up dumbfuck n get a life
  5. emil

    Outlaws Motorcycle Club

    Next level. Keep it up.
  6. Every fastfood sells, atleast beers.
  7. Unrealistic? Where in the world have you seen a fastfood joint that doesn't sell drinks and/or alcohol? What do you order when you're at a fastfood, one burger and a glass of non-mineral water straight out of the faucet? If you just want your burger, then don't order a drink, you're not forced to use the bar whatsoever.
  8. ^ This pretty much. And AFAIK LS is LS and SA is SA, we aren't portraying Los Angeles nor California therefore the time frame in-game, so idk why everyone is bringing up Los Angeles or California.
  9. Not really, they're all over USA including Los Angeles, there's lots of articles on the internet.
  10. What about Ndrangheta? Haven't seen a single one even though it's one of the most powerful mafias in the world right now, if not the most powerful. Seems like we're stuck in the past just like SAMP times back in the years, a couple of LCNs, several asian factions and the rest mexicans/black gangs. If we're talking realism, then let's all be realistic, it's twenty twenty, let's move forward.
  11. Keep your heads up, y'all killed it.
  12. Username: kannibal Comment: Tanya Sun, don't forget to send through the payment we agreed, five grand
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