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  1. I will contact you as soon as get a chance.
  2. Good day! Im interested in selling a vehicle. Its a Penumbra FF. If your dealership is interested, let me know.
  3. I’ll throw an offer of 30,000$.
  4. Appreciate the different inputs. I see that it really comes down to what kind of a character you roleplay as, and how active your character can be. I will try to use and figure out which way better applies to my character 👍🏻
  5. What also drains cash for a good cause is tipping hard workers like cab drivers/good mechanics/bartenders/strippers. Donating to community service centers. Buying actual items like jewelry/tools/accessories. But we need more stuff. Most importantly we need to be able to buy clothing for separate prices not just 100$ for whatever.
  6. You should keep posting photos of random cool cars you see.
  7. Name: OTGenesis Comment: I'm not acting hard. You're broke, stay away.
  8. Name: OTGenesis Comment: Yeah well those rich assholes became rich gambling responsibly, building their money and using brain. So stop complaining.
  9. Well yeah I can understand that. But if you wanna roleplay 25$ an hour wage then its your choice.
  10. @ScarletRose I agree with what Scarlet said. If you have millions in bank, roleplay a middle class/rich person. Instead of working at a gas station pretending to be a sorry poor person. My character always trys to help less fortunate, turns out he most likely has been generous to millionaires thinking they are poor.
  11. Hello everyone. So this is something thats been on my mind forever as far as I have been roleplaying. How do you guys roleplay getting older? Does everyone roleplay aging by real life years? Is this this something that people just decide on their own how often their character ages? Is this why we mainly have young adults on the server? I don’t think this discussion will last but I’d love to hear others input on this. Cheers
  12. I disagree with trailers going for so much however.
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