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  1. Looking to buy these two. PM your offers.
  2. Sold for the asking price, L&A.
  3. If I don't receieve a higher offer than yours in 24h from now, its yours.
  4. For Sale The Raiden is a remarkable electric car, blending high performance with luxury, a high-tech cabin and zero emissions. One of its few downsides is that it's quite a bit more expensive than your average upmarket saloon. Comes with a panoramic sunroof with a fairly spacious interior, making it extremely road-worthy and environmentally friendly. Aftermarket🔧 Custom Black Alloys - Lightly Tinted Windows - Lowered Suspension - Custom Plate Dial🕕 1019 mi. (Still runs without a problem) Insurance🔒 3 days Left (transferrable) Security⚠️ Good 💲 Asking: $310,000 slightly negotiable Contact: Via Email ((pm)) or 📞4135 ((OOC)) More pics: https://imgur.com/a/PI6n8HC
  5. Looking to purchase one. Mileage doesn't matter - must be a reasonable price. Contact: Ph:7002 / email ((forum pm))
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