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  1. Personally, I prefer there only being different positive reactions you can give to a post. Adding negative ones just promotes toxic behavior in my opinion.
  2. This would also lead to a heavy emphasis on people having to put money into their car since they're not able to hold more than around twenty grand on them, it would very likely lead to people just sitting in front of a bank and looking for people that run between the bank and their car several times to know that they've deposited a large amount of money inside of their car. I don't see any real benefits to this apart from promoting said CIT services. Having the current scripts that only accept cash payment changed to also accept money from the bank is something that I can get behin
  3. You've been able to customise multi-interior apartments for around 2.5 months now and there's a lot of apartments being sold that have custom interiors because of that, it was introduced as a feature with 1.9.5b. It's true that the apartments don't have personal garages for their residents, but there's a lot of really nice apartments being sold.
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