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  1. The thing is most people who are new to the server still think that this is a "game" where the main purpose of your character is to make as much money as possible. Now this doesn't stand for all the new RP'ers, a lot of them actually know what the purpose of this server is. And before anyone tells me "this is still a game", Yes I know this is still a game but the main purpose of this to build a "character" and not the highest bank balance. The only reason why civilian RP is hard to do is just because there is nothing much for a civilian to do in this server. The only way to get constant civilian RP is to either work in a club, bar, strip club, that's all. I have been playing on this server since 3 years and I miss the older times when there was a good balance between civilian and criminal RP. There used to be a lot of unique businesses with options of working in every kind of business. Nowadays, a business won't run at all unless its a flashy club or a bar. I know there's a trucking job as well but it pays so less that the truckers get demotivated or it becomes a monotonous "one-person" RP experience for them. And moreover the money they earn, can easily be taken away by someone else without any effort just by "pointing the gun at the individual" and "collects the items and dips".
  2. Totally agree with the OP 10000%. I've been playing on this server since 2019 as well. While I am happy that the server is still alive now and getting a good player base, I still miss the older days when there was so much opportunities for civilian RP. People used to stay outdoors mostly and hang out in Mirror Park. There used to be so much interaction between people and not just RP'ing to rob or start a beef. Now if you want to hang out in Mirror Park or anywhere, people will label you as a "mall rat" OOC which is a shame.
  3. Good lord, finally someone actually read and understood what I am trying to point out instead of be like "yay, meme time" 😂
  4. I am sorry to hear about your relative. I can understand what you are going through, I faced this myself not long ago, but I didn't stall other's RP by going afk/brb after every 2 minutes out of common courtesy and I am sure you also must have done the same thing. And why does it bother me is because I don't have a lot of hours of free time everyday. There are people who can be online for 2-3 hours in a day only. If I am going to spend most of my time just looking at my phone during those times, it becomes a waste for us and there is very little RP that we can do into developing our character.
  5. Okay looks like you all just misunderstood (or didn't read) the whole thing. If someone has to go AFK for even 10 minutes, I am fine with that. We all do that. What I was saying was doing it after every or a couple of lines. Person A: Hey. Person B: Hey, how are you? ((Person A: brb)) -- After 5 minutes -- Person A: Good Thanks, how about yourself. Person B: Nice to know. ((Person A: brb)) -- After 5 minutes -- repeat...
  6. I have returned to this server after almost a couple of years just a couple of months ago. Although I am not as consistent as before, I try to get on whenever I am free since I love this server. However, this is something that I have noticed happen a lot with me. Whenever I am RP'ing with someone, most of the time they will be going ((brb)) after each and every sentence. Like dude? While I understand that we all have r/l and there can be times when you have to tend to something urgently, but then you can just call off the RP by saying you have to go instead of typing one line and then go for ((brb)) for 5 minutes. I don't know what others feel about it but I really find it annoying and it just kills my mood of the situation and the RP. I am sure others would have encountered this also, just wondering what your thoughts are. For more details regarding the above, scroll down to my other post in this topic.
  7. Hey, New to the city and looking for some stable and long term work, preferably a managerial position, interested in knowing about other opportunities too! Call 2288 or simply drop me an email [email protected] (forum pm) Regards, Lisa
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