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  1. 4SALE - CHEETAH CLASSIC I am selling this all-time classic as it has been sitting in my garage for quite some time now. Looking for a new owner that can give it the treatment it deserves. ASKING PRICE: 500,000 USD MORE INFO: PH: 51155671
  2. Change the keybinds for phone navigation to its default setting.
  3. Dates & times are of the utmost importance in the legal world. Having a day/night cycle that is accelerated will complicate matters considerably. Anyone who prefers to make one IRL day equal two in-game days for instance, will also have to take into consideration that all legal time frames will have to be doubled. It strikes me as somewhat inconvenient and counterintuitive because of our natural sense of time awareness IRL. I personally wouldn't want to see this become a thing. Regarding the question of which timezone the server should make use of, I have no strong opinion really.
  4. I'm not a big fan of this. It limits the creativity of the chef as a script will most likely not entail all cooking possibilities out there, not to mention a script generally describes something in one specific way whilst the beauty of role-playing is that there are so many different ways to express your actions and their result. This script doesn't belong in a heavy role-play server in my opinion.
  5. I'd like to suggest that players still have a choice to visit an NPC-owned garage for a simple repair of the bodywork. It is not uncommon for players to get wrecked in traffic because of trivial matters such as stupid driving fails or lag. This way we avoid people becoming frustrated with the fact that they have to postpone their role-play as well as rely on another player's schedule (who by the way would be doing nothing else but repairing bodyworks for impatient players). That being said, I one hundred percent agree with your suggestion that installing modifications on your car should only be possible through proper role-play with a player-owned garage. A place where (relatively) knowledgeable and creative players can share their passion for the automobile. Because of the great amount of vehicle modifications offered to us by Rockstar, every car that is driven off the lot can be a unique role-play project. Players wouldn't only be paying for the modifications, but also for the wages of the employees. Good for the economy! Let the money circulate amongst players as much as possible. It is also a good way to prevent every street corner from turning into an exaggerated Fast&Furious scene because modifying your car takes time and requires multiple parties to role-play. It will also help to fuel a competitive market where player-owned businesses will have to try their hardest if they want to keep their customers.
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