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  1. on behalf of the embed google documents gang, yes.
  2. Should be a simple suggestion. It's to add the script below (Or a variation of it) to allow people to embed google documents without having to use a code function in the forums. https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8228-google-docs-embed/
  3. correction pull it don't aim it it's not a felony if it's on your own private property and you're holding a gun or a misdemeanor at that though it's not a crime to aim it either step 1: pull gun step 2: "GET OFF MY PROPERTY NOW" step 3: aim after 5 seconds 'n they havent left
  4. sure as long as there's actual parents involved otherwise they should be driving cheap cars like blistas and stuff
  5. what bounty hunters dont chase warrant suspects they're not vigilantes they work for bondsmen chase people who skip out on bail that was posted by the bondsman so the bondsman doesn't have to pay a hundred thousand dollars
  6. I'd argue we have more law office RP than any other "non-governmental office RP" combined. Literally every legal job that isn't a cop, firefighter, prosecutor, judge, senator or some high executive branch person is fairly underrepresented. Little city works, besides the Sheriff and the D.A. there's nobody that's part of the county government, news agencies aren't as active as they are in real life etc etc. It's not fun for most people to RP in an office for 5 hours, or RP being in fastfood for 3, etc, etc.
  7. iirc it's already a rule where you can only shoot with like handguns as the driver, no big guns dont quote me on that pretyped copy/pasted /me's are against the rules already. Problem is that it's hard to enforce/prove that someone used a pretyped /me, my belief is that people doing this type their /me 30 seconds in front and copy paste it's not against the rule to pre-type, hit escape to close chatbox, press T and then immediately enter to send ur msg though as far as I'm aware. Pre-typed /me's nevertheless don't make a difference. If you pull a gun on someone that's typing simply because they're too close to you, that's unneccesary escalation and against server rules. Whether they spend 5 minutes typing a glorious /me or three seconds typing a copy pasted /me doesn't matter. The end result is mostly the same. no driver should be 360 no-scoping a vehicle that's behind them while driving 40+ MPH on a car or even on a bike, if they do that I'd consider it powergaming bcz if you lose focus at high speed you crash, easy as hell Right now even most crashes aren't properly RPed. What do I mean? You hitting a lantern pole? No, I don't care about that. I mean that if you hit a sidewalk that's elevated above the street, while driving 60 miles per hour (Or more), your tyres would probably blow the hell up and you wouldn't have a good time. If you hit your brakes to go from 80 to 0 MPH in 2 seconds, you're probably going to fuck your back up through the sheer force of that braking manouver. None of this gets RPed by anyone, ever though. I'm fine with people shooting small caliber handguns outside of their vehicle while they're the driver as long as they're not travelling faster than the speed of light and/or shooting with the accuracy of Simo Häyhä while handling their vehicle like Tony Stewart.
  8. Local/county police only accesses bank data through warrant(/subpoena) affidavits. There's a federal government reporting requirement for certain transactions made at a bank. For example, if you deposit more than $10,000, the bank has a duty to report that transfer to the IRS (Or another gov authority, not sure. Since we don't have an IRS, and absolutely shouldn't get any agency on the federal level due to unfixable complications with the justice system it'd create, it's better that, if such a system is to be implemented, it's done on a state level through either a new IRS like faction (but a state agency, not federal), or through PD/SD with dedicated divisions/units.
  9. No amount of response even begins to be justified with this city's crime. In real life, LAPD metro has a ton of platoons. While it is true that D (SWAT) doesn't do what we consider patrol, there are other tactical platoons that use much of the same gear (minus some extreme items such as snipers, IEDs etc, other vests) that D does. C platoon, for example. They do perform crime suppression in heavy crime areas, tactical response etc. There are several platoons that are basically the same as C-Platoon. We don't have these platoons. We used to, but it got closed due to staffing/logistical issues and everyone was put under SWAT instead. We take the duties of the other platoons (except H platoon and K9) which includes running crime supression patrols. We also patrol in regular uniforms in marked cruisers which carry all our gear (except for like snipers/explosives etc) we'd carry on crime supression. And yes. If on crime supression, we sometimes go to lower-risk situations because of staffing issues. It's not unrealistic even for the LAPD. If you're close-by, you roll out. Even if we would look at realism, the LAPD has a 24/7 on-standby SWAT team that can gear up and roll out in minutes. Response times are cut because the map just isn't big, so we can gear up and roll out from anywhere of 1-10 minutes after getting paged and get anywhere within 10 more. So the highest response time of SWAT is 20 minutes. The lowest is 0 minutes. Now. I do not think that the current situation is over the top. With our crime rate, there would be MUCH more tactical presence. Every cop would have a rifle in their car (there is a limit to rifles now) and patrol with plate carriers around the clock. crime supression would be ran 24/7 by both PD and SD.
  10. should read up on this https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/florida-fake-teen-doctor-dr-love-arrested-again-fraud-charges/BRHVMPBA7JE5RHVPVZKRPOPBLQ/ People like this exist. Kids like mentioned here exist. They're one in a million and it just so happens that 99% of them are concentrated in Los Santos in our IC lore. At most the "average gangbanging teen" is gonna act as a spotter or a courier until they're about 17-18.
  11. Newton's 6th law of physics: If you offer a person any semblance of power, 9 out of 10 times they will draw themselves to that power and do their best not to let go. What this means? Recruit non-staff in auxiliary teams. FM, PM, there are parts in those subteams that require staff involvement, and there are parts that don't. If a process of "helpers" gets developed for PM, then they could take care of all smart TP requests or other tasks that otherwise have to be done by an admin.
  12. Username: what Comment: pov: an officer doesnt know the difference between the state attorney general and one of the individual county district attorneys and calls for a statewide election nice also picturized: lspd officer goes live on LSNN arguably admitting to breaking section IV clause C of the political reform act
  13. More like EVERYONE "Do you plead guilty, not guilty or no contest? 🙂 pls do guilty"
  14. I mean if someone ends up shooting at you because you're on their property- That's part of the risk. As for parking out in public area? I don't think there's law forbidding it specifically. Though, if you're parking out in for example the state wilderness there's a good chance either SAPR will tell you to pack up or you get mauled by a coyote.
  15. ohh nice new links and small edits
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