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  1. plea not guilty either get the charges tossed or get a guilty verdict (you shouldn't because there's probably tons of federal caselaw) go to appeals court precedent set sue PD for a 4th amendment violation gg edit: for real: terryv ohio isn't the only caselaw out there, there's tons others and if the situation as described is the only circumstance that led to your search, any prosecutor would/should toss that out
  2. When people start storming crime-free zones then there's definitely rulebreaking involved.
  3. If people are making a new gang in an area they should develop said gang. Saying: "this gang has been here for five years!" Is powergaming. You are forcing RP on people even though there is no past basis to establish that. Even if this complication could be looked past; there are many others. The gang's been there for years, but: The police doesn't know about them for some reason? The local community doesnt recognize them for some reason? The rest of the underworld will have no idea who they are? If it's okay to say: "We've been here fo
  4. You can appeal it to the court and they'll have to bring their evidence. If PD has no evidence, the ticket gets tossed. If they have evidence but your car was properly parked, the ticket gets tossed. If you sped/drove recklessly/whatever, the ticket will be sustained. You can still appeal it to the appelate court if you disagree with the judge their decision. I wouldn't think that a traffic pole system would have any positive input as it's a script rather than an interaction between an officer and a civilian.
  5. You can get on a zombie and drive from Davis to Lago Zancudo in minutes. If you turn off your phone you're untraceable unless another cop happens to drive across you. Alternatively, you could go in the LS sewers and hide there. Or enter an interior. Or literally go anywhere except continue returning to the area where you just shot a dude. 30 minutes after doing a crime you can disappear entirely (Log off). I haven't seen people getting banned for using their own tools. And fighting the police is stupid unless it's one or two officers. Haven't seen people
  6. ALPR isn't extremely expensive. You pay once for the software and then only for individual hardware which, even assuming it costs 5000 dollars as a very high limit isn't going to be that much for a big police department. I am heavily against traffic cameras as this would be an artificial system which doesn't bring RP to anyone: 1. The script itself won't take actual recordings, it only catches you speeding. 2. After caught speeding, no officer will be able to review the prompt (No recording) 3. You get an automatic ticket issued as soon as the traffic pole catches you s
  7. Regardless of any script limitations people should not act negligently or unrealistically in order to do their work. It's the equivalent to driving real close to a tinted car just to see their nametags. I don't see how the ALPR system is OP. People want PD to do more investigations but at the same time people advocate for removing tools which PD uses in these investigations. There has to be a balance where PD remains tools in their possession, the more tools there are available the more regulated they can be to achieve that balance. The less "overpoweredness" PD has, the less
  8. That seems like either a reason to report them (Negligent operation) or to report them OOC (Unrealistic portrayal). We do not have as many tools as you're making it out to be. And even so, the tools we have are compartmentalized per division. Not every officer has access to every tool. A part of realism and realistic balance leaves tools for PD. IF you remove all that, you might as well remove police RP entirely apart from patrol officers.
  9. Any vehicle infraction that doesn't require the vehicle to be moving will always be held against the driver themselves. Even a moving crime will-- If your sister drives your car and blows through a red light which is caught on traffic cam, you'll receive a ticket and a court summons. Either you pay the ticket or answer the court summons. If your sister goes "I ain't gonna tell the judge that it's my fault" then you'll either need to be able to prove it wasn't you driving or rely on the kindness of the judge to throw your ticket. Illegal parking, uninsured vehicle, all of it. You're the on
  10. An unquoted source is an untrustworthy one if a simple google search contradicts it.
  11. Please quote your sources. Police can run your plates and instantaneously see if your vehicle is insured or not (Basic google search.) The reason police officers ask for proof of insurance is because their database might be outdated by the time they pull you over.
  12. The first word in ALPR stands for automatic. Automatic license plate reader. It sends a signal to the data terminal which looks up said plate, and: Tells the model Tells the plate Tells the owner Tells the status (Licensed, unlicensed) Tells the insurance status: insured or uninsured It does not say how long it's been uninsured for. In order for the ALPR to trigger, you have to drive no more than a short distance behind it. And at the right angle, or it won't work. After this, you have to wait roughly five seconds You have access to all
  13. based on this thread i think kappaurel took all of that irl rn so it wouldn't be that non rp
  14. just the presence of blood doesn't get you a warrant in the legal world unless there's other evidence tying you to the crime scene
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