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  1. EudoraW

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    So you’re not interested in selling?
  2. EudoraW

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    You bought it on october 7th. October to december is only 2 months
  3. EudoraW

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    I will offer $718,889 as that is the most you can sell it for ((195,000 x 3 + 133889= 718,889))
  4. $69000. We have an unofficial group roleplaying in this area and having this house would be a great help for us to be able to continue to bring a high quality of roleplay back to this area.
  5. This thread will follow the development of "Catty" Cabello. Character story: Catalina (Cat/ Catty) Cabello born august 19 2003, she has lived on bridge street her entire life. She lives with her mom Marie Cabello in a small apartment but rarely spends time at home. Catalina’s father was killed in a gang related shootout when she was young, leaving her and her mother alone. She often feels responsible for her mother and will spend her free time looking for ways to provide money for her family. The sense of responsibility drifts into her friend group often causing Catalina to think of them first before herself. Catalina’s mother tried to protect and shelter her from as much of the world as she could in order to keep her safe. This overprotection has been the driving factor of Catalina’s rebellious side when she is out with friends. She enjoys reading, learning, biking, playing soccer, smoking pot, drinking and hanging out with her friends.
  6. Username: Ciaocafe Comment: Absolutely stunning work done by Ru Ma. We are so fortunate to be able to permanently display and share an original beautiful painting in the cafe. I hope that Ru Ma can get the medical care he requires.
  7. We have a new winter menu! Come try our new gingerbread and shortbread cookies!
  8. We have a new fall menu! Try a fresh baked pie while supplies last! http://
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