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  1. ☕ SPECIAL JUNE DEALS! Follow us on facebrowser for more new deals and information ♨️- Little Seoul, San Andreas Avenue!
  2. Is that a private garage or a public one?
  3. Selling my tuned and custom Albany Hermes. All modified and done at Beeker's Garage. this was my car project for the past few months and the project has been completed just last week by me. Many changes were done to the vehicle, such as new parts, engine swap, brake changes, tires and rims, acceleration and handling improvements, new turbo-charger, exhaust change, dashboard changes, comfortable seats and a new working suspension. The vehicle is good with speed for a decent price and also looks very attractive if you're going to take this to a car meet. If you're not a fan of the design don't worry about it, this vehicle does come with a wide variety of customization options if you bring it to the garage. The reason why I'm selling my Hermes is because I'm willing to work on another car project soon this month and I will no longer have the time to look after my Hermes like I used to do. If interested, please send me an e-mail ((Forums PM)). Price: 90k
  4. Atleast make business blips donat'able separately instead of donating for the entire gold and platinum package? Or add business blips to bronze for certain number of days/weeks?
  5. Hit 'n' Run Café is a coffee shop serving caffeine and pastries products in central Los Santos, located in Little Seoul, San Andreas Avenue. Our aim is to provide good customer service and excellent team work. We are looking for energetic baristas, experienced supervisors, and experienced managers to handle the openings. We are looking for reliable, hard working applicants, who are able to multitask and follow directions. Experience in basic food preparation and hand orders in time. We also hire unexperienced candidates who are willing to learn and along with that we offer bonuses every week to the hardest working member of the team. Positions Availability: Barista: OPEN Supervisor: CLOSED Manager: CLOSED Please call or text us at #83683626 or #20115
  6. ☕ We're back! Now back in business, come grab a warm coffee along with something sweet! ♨️- Little Seoul!
  7. HIRING Status: OPEN Barista(Employee): Open Supervisor: Closed Manager: Closed We are looking for candidates to fill in the available positions and are ready to work regularly at our café. If you are willing to apply for any of the above positions, please send your application to @ClaudeSpeed. If you are applying for the Supervisor or Manager position please link us your resume and your past experience. ((Any enquiries please send me a discord PM #Cheese9098 ))
  8. Buyout, my char is a mechanic in Beeker's garage.
  9. I remember back in RCRP they added an npc train that travels across the entire map. I believe no one used it after a week or two But since GTAw has a bigger playerbase, I think it could be useful maybe for minor players, ULSA students or even normal players.
  10. Selling My Bati, stock performance and low Milage. Selling for 90k Drop me your contact details if interested.
  11. The Giver Maze Runner Maze Runner Scroch Trials Maze Runner Death Cure Percy Jackson
  12. 83683626 I'll be available during the evenings ((peak hours))
  13. Sure, I'll be available today evening, give me a call.
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