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  1. The Paleto Players casino in Paleto Bay is now for sale! This is an exclusive opportunity due to it being the only casino in Paleto! This business is for sale at a fixed price and is not an auction - $486,185 ((MP - $125,000 - Furn - $61,185 - Bar Script - $50,000)) More images are available to view here - https://imgur.com/a/gd7rmIa Leasing will be considered - Please contact me via email [email protected] for pricing!
  2. Buyout. I am available to collect and pay the fund as soon as you are able to take them. @Davey._
  3. ((As per Advertisement rules; Property advertisements MUST include both market price and furniture worth, found in /pinfo. The furniture worth can be put in (( brackets )) ))
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