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  1. Current bid, will end in 48hrs from this post.
  2. Vespucci apartment up for sale, with a view overlooking the La Puerta marina. Bid starting at $200,000 Minimum raise of $10,000 Buyout of $500,000 1 Bedroom (Desk, walk in closet) 1 Bathroom (Tub/Shower) Living room with large entertainment center Full kitchen Washer/Dryer in unit Balcony with seating Parking lot in complex
  3. Yeah, why remove old styles that people used. I get we wanted new ones but that doesn't mean take out old ones that players still used.
  4. Username: Ayabae Amount Donated: $5000 Comment: Happy to help anyway I can, donate now and help a good cause!
  5. Does anyone have the info for what licensing was before, like price, frequency? I /heard/ that it was around 10k ish as an annual payment? Honestly if you even drop it to 10-20k per license for a monthly fee that seems reasonable. You can make that in one or two openings on any business.
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