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  1. Email me your contact info ((forum PM))
  2. I don't need your luck you clown. How does a car that costs 130k stock go for 120k when it's fully upgraded. Just make that make sense. Miles literally don't matter when I paid the 4k maintenance on it already. This is one of the most sought after cars in the city it sells itself and I can get 140 for it easily. Don't be mad bc you can't buy this for 105 and flip the car for an extra 30k lmao
  3. Lampadati Komoda for sale. Maintenance was done recently. Starting Price: 135,000 Buyout: 150,000 NO LOWBALL OFFERS ((ooc stats))
  4. Closing the bidding in one hour. In the meantime send me your contact info.
  5. If there aren't any more bidders in 12 hours its yours.
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