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  1. Selling a top floor apartment on Palomino Avenue Market Price: $150.000 Furniture Price: $163.249 Buyout: $500.000 Inquiries #8008569
  2. As title. Looking to buy a Caracara 2020.
  3. Fix your life by adopting a fat caracal now
  4. They get better or they get banned sooner or later.
  5. L'invito non è valido.
  6. Accepted, I'll contact you privately.
  7. I need the apartment gone, are you still interested in taking it?
  8. Noted, but I'm not looking for that low.
  9. Looking to sell this apartment in Vespucci in proximity with Del Perro, near to the bank and the Police Department. Perfect for one or a couple. Currently looking for 300.000$ (( ))
  10. Looking to buy a Rebla, contact me privately or contact me on my phone 8008569.
  11. People can't even afford Gold or Platinum to advertise their business, what does the GTAW staff do to fix this? Add a new option to advertise events for 30 WP. I have no words.
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