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  1. Contacts and careers sections updated.
  2. Sold. It can be locked.
  3. 2114 Bay City Avenue Indipendent two story house with private garage Gallery (( Property information )) Currently looking for 1.350.000$ Viewings available, contact 1861
  4. Interested in making an offer. Can I see the apartment in person?
  5. (( 2240 Ocean Front Walk is a complex. They have to wait only 2 weeks to sell and they can sell immediately 3x MP + Furniture. ))
  6. If you are interested I can do 325k immediately.
  7. roymar

    [4SALE] Bati.

    I will take the Vectre.
  8. I took it for the Vespucci Canals one! My bad. Withdrawn,
  9. This thread is the reason why I hated going on duty during the night / evening as LEO.
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