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  1. 2018 Renault Megane GT Line
  2. Company Closure Notice Published by Steve Hastingson Dear All, I am writing to inform you that we have decided to close our business due to financial and operational difficulties in the working environment. There is low capital and no resource availability for the business and thus, we are not in a position to run the business smoothly. The current port and shipment climate has paralyzed the business and local economy to a greater level. There is not enough revenue achievable. Higher potential negative profits are expected, and financial fiscal is getting higher. This has affected the key operation of the business and thus consequently, we cannot continue operating profitably. When I first opened this company in 2019, I had the determination to achieve success no matter what and with Danny Higgins helping me to run this company, soon, as my business flourished, the number of employee's grew and we enjoyed the success serving our valuable customers, fulfilling all their requirements and needs and giving our best to satisfy them with on-time, large scale deliveries. To cater to the growing demands of our customers who loved our services we worked hard every day and tried to give quality service to all the customers of San Andreas. The board of directors managed to have a meeting and hence decided to shut down the business after reviewing the credit and debit reports of the company. Due to all these business difficulties, our company is not able to comply with federal and state policies of business regulation and more important, currently does not comply with them. We cannot thank you enough for your continuous support and coordination. With deep appreciation, I am closing my letter by advising you to come in and pick up your belongings left for repair or other work. Your work can be transferred to another company on demand. After that, we will be no longer available at work and would not be able to provide any assistance. Please recover the items and fulfill your queries before 10th May 2022 as after that we will not deal in this regard. You can contact me at 50266130. All current & unpaid invoices made to Bluewater Logistics will be paid by the end of May, any legal queries should be sent to Ella Knight, HR & Legal Director. I'd like to personally thank all 1408 current & former employee's, this company could not have been what it is without you. I'd like to wish all current employee's all the best, and if I can provide any assistance in a job search, please do not hesitate to contact me. All the best, Founder & Operations Director. Bluewater Logistics.
  3. We have public works for towing & impound, end of story.
  4. Civilitus – a management-owned business since 1955 – is a commercial debt collection agency. Experienced, certified, and focused on ethical and rapid debt recovery, we provide client collection services throughout the state of San Andreas. In this day and age, it’s no longer enough for a debt collection agency to simply collect the money that is due to you. Equally critical is that we: Act with responsibility and professionalism to protect your reputation Educate your customers to respect your credit terms Make your customers aware that protracted default will harm their credit rating As a LS based debt collection agency, we recognize the impact every collection campaign has on your level of success. When your company carries the burden of debtors with an inability or refusal to pay, your day-to-day operations suffer. At Civilitus, we handle your debt collection issues with the utmost urgency. Our proven methods preserve your customer relationships while still providing top-notch results. Civilitus collectors will: Overcome your debtor’s objections Remove frivolous disputes Seek admission of your debt Secure payment of your debt Have collected funds cleared and remitted to you without delay. What else can you expect from our debt collection services? Prompt remittance of collected funds Minimal need for legal recovery – we won’t recommend legal action unless we have first made every other effort to collect upon the debt Fees ONLY when we collect You can be assured that we always operate within the law, to a strict code of practice, and retain the urgency and persistence needed to collect your accounts. We Are: Experienced – Our commercial collections experience spans nearly all industries, allowing us to serve any legitimate business creditor. Further, commercial debt collection is our core competency. We’ve been doing it for more than 60 years – and this experience translates to higher recoveries for our commercial collection clients. Compliant – In today’s litigious climate, we meticulously ensure that all communications with debtors strictly adhere to local and federal laws. Global – Our commercial collection agency is both nationwide and worldwide, and we are able to provide services outside of the US as needed. Focused – Our primary objective is to negotiate the rapid recovery of your debts, and remit collected funds to your organization without delay. All collections are done on a contingency basis – if we don’t collect, we don’t get paid. When you partner with us… you’ll forge a relationship with one of the most highly-respected B2B collection agencies in the world. We are proud to be one of a select group of registered US debt collection agencies certified by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). Get in touch with us today! Los Santos Office PH: 7942202 Email: [email protected] Legal Director: Ivor Alexeev
  5. Bluewater Group - April Overview April saw some interesting times within the trucking industry, resulting in a 47.8% drop in our delivery income during April, testing our financial departments ability to ensure maximum cost-saving across the group. Fortunately we've managed to push through the month and ready for a fresh start in May. April was a challenging month for our Executive Leadership team, Ella Knight, HR Director, who has been with the business since October 2020 has decided to step down, she has accepted an offer to work for a UK based company as their European HR Director, and we wish Ella all the best in her new position. Steve Hastingson, the Group Operations Director, who has been with the business since 2019 has decided to move into a part-time Director position, he has been promoted within the Government into a Director's position, meaning that the time he has been able to dedicate towards the business has been limited. Steve brings a wealth of industry knowledge, having previously ran IMEX Logistics as CEO in 2020, before re-launching Bluewater and building the Bluewater Group over the last two years. Santiago Robinson, CEO, and Finn Byrne, COO have both been promoted to Director level at Group Board level, progressing their careers into our investments & asset management business. They will both assist the current team with building the business, and making further advancements into the green-energy sector. Bluewater Logistics suffered a loss during April of around ($78.039), however with a recently updated fleet, and new HR Director appointed we anticipate a growth over the coming months for the business. We do have some further news to follow regarding Bluewater Logistics in the coming days... stay tuned. Posted by Maria Hayes, Press Officer.
  6. knowing that you'll lose 3+ years worth of work with your business to admins if you go inactive on gta:w
  8. This... my characters wanted to semi-retire upto Paleto for a while now, he's always ran major trucking companies such as IMEX, Bluewater & Coastal at CEO/Owner Level, but would like to run a tiny logistics company with just 3-4 vehicles up in Paleto, but because I've not yet RP'ed with him in Paleto, and because he's never been Paleto involved, it seems impossible.
  9. You can, yes. Some businesses such as garages are lease only through the UCP, but most can be bought/sold using in-game money, however they are quite expensive.
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