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  1. Enjoying the storyline, keep it up guys. Congratulations Doc.
  2. Some of the longest scenes of roleplay was with you. Not sure if it was because of your slow fingers on a keyboard or the full on immersion you were able to deliver. The slow talker, happy retirement. @Flow
  3. Real end to a real character, Gino! Hope to see you around.
  4. You're not allowed to rob people through your advertisement, but if someone is willing to take a risk to actually post an advertisement about a poker game with zero security, they're also accepting the risk of getting robbed. Don't hide behind advertisements to shield your criminal career.
  5. You're saying people can host illegal poker games and be protected from any IC consequences just because they've posted an advertisement?
  6. If you're advertising for an illegal game of poker you deserve to get robbed. Use the established casinos where it's perfectly legal and safe to play? I don't get how you can't understand this rule when it's very clear. If you go out of your way to post an advertisement you're taking a risk. Stop blaming the rules because certain people in your faction can't put two and two together when creating an illegal poker game.
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