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  1. It is our aim to create a realistic and enjoyable outlaw 1%er Motorcycle Club role-play environment, more specifically, a portrayal of the Mongols MC's Compton Chapter. We strive to uphold our strict image of a primarily Hispanic motorcycle club and live up to the colloquial nickname of "cholos on wheels". Standing true to the stories of real life Mongols members and the club itself, many members here role-play as ex gangbangers from different Sureño sets, although this is not mandatory as Caucasian members are also welcomed, encouraged & accepted. Any questions, concerns, or other queries can be directed to @Psychedelic, or @CULTure. MONGOLS MC and the Mongols logo (R) are trademarks owned by the Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club, and full credit and respect is given to the club. Scenes, depictions, edited photographs and opinions associated with this faction on GTA:World are not necessarily the opinions of the real-life Mongols Nation Motorcycle Club.
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