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  1. Just selling at this time, thanks.
  2. Dropping starting bid to $360,000.
  3. Selling a furnished two bedroom apartment with modern industrial finishes in excellent condition. Located in the heart of Los Santos, this apartment features wide open living spaces and generously sized bedrooms. One of the bedrooms is currently outfitted to act as a home office. Very large kitchen and dining space for hosting gatherings. Protected by Wiwang alarm systems. Incredible views of the city and coast! Starting Bid: $400,000 Buyout: $600,000 Pictures: ((OOC:))
  4. I've been through as a patient a couple times the past month or so, which before that it had been a very long time since the schedules lined up. Didn't really know what to expect but I was happy to see that there wasn't an expectation for me to roleplay at a doctor's level knowledge which is always my fear. However it is a bit of a catch-22 as you do still want to feel like you're being roleplayed with rather than at. Not the easiest to balance which tends to be the same case in FD too. I liked the process of being moved from ICU to beds, having doctor check ins and so forth. The process can at times feel a bit static, perhaps physically getting the patient to move around the hospital to various equipment for tests might also help patients feel more engaged and explore your large facilities. I think you're well equipped for roleplay on your end its just a matter of what a patient can potentially bring you in terms of unique injuries and circumstances. Personally, hospital RP doesn't interest me but the lack of knowledge is a real fear. I felt the same when I first joined FD, and felt the same way in presence of those with really advanced medical knowledge compared to mine.
  5. Three engine companies, one truck and one brush patrol company fight a major fire in Mirror Park. Between Firefighters, EMS, Public Relations and Command, estimating about 24 in attendance in addition to several State Fire Marshals.
  6. Callout for a truck driving off the road into the LS drainage river, causing flammable liquids to leak out and ignite. Fire fought from the bridge while Lifeguards acted swiftly to deployed fire booms to contain the leak.
  7. Recruitment closing on Friday June 25th at 18:00. Still time to send in your application!
  8. Posting for @mafioSSi because they're too good not to be here. Photo credits go to them.
  9. Los Santos Fire Department Serving Los Santos with Courage, Integrity and Pride. Career Fair - June 18th, 2021 - 18:00 - Del Perro Beach parking lot Recruitment Opens: June 18th, 2021 Your community needs you - Will you answer the call? Do you have a strong desire to help people in your community? The Los Santos Fire Department is hiring for a wide range of positions across our several internal divisions. Every day the the demand for firefighters, emergency medical technicians, volunteers, lifeguards and civilian staff is growing. Join our family in a rewarding career where no two days are the same and help your city and neighbors in need. Your community needs you - Will you answer the call? Career Firefighter/EMT For those seeking the traditional first responder career path with the LSFD in the capacity of Career Firefighter/EMT. The Department will have you trained to respond to the full range of EMS, fire and rescue type calls the department receives on a daily basis. Our firefighters respond to a range of incidents such as medical calls, structure fires, brush fires, traffic accidents, rescues and of course much more. Various division options await you to hone your skills in a specialty of your choosing whether its high angle rope rescue, swift water rescue, aerial firefighting and more! Every day is a new adventure. Apply Now Career Emergency Medical Technicians Firefighting isn't the only way to be a community hero. A large component of what the LSFD receives on a regular basis is a wide range of medical calls. Start on your path to becoming a Paramedic by enlisting as a Emergency Medical Technician. If you're seeking to focus your career in Emergency Medical Services, this is the path for you. Apply Now - LIMITED VACANCIES Volunteer Firefighter/EMT The Los Santos Fire Department isn't just comprised of firefighters and medical personnel, our employees come from a host of different backgrounds that still want to serve. If you're unable to commit to the demands of a full time Firefighter/EMT but still want to help, consider enrolling as a Volunteer. Apply Now Lifeguard Vespucci beach and the surrounding water front brings people from all across the world to soak up the sun and water. Ensure a safe and enjoyable environment on the state's beaches and other water-based tourist spots. Become one of Vespucci's most iconic first responders and learn to be an expert in land and water based rescue. Apply Now Operations Divisional Opportunities Upon completion of your probation, opportunities for advancement branch out further. Familiarize yourself with our fleet and become an expert on our rigs as you work to maintain our fleet of over 100 vehicles in Support Services. Ascend your career to new heights in our Air Operations Division as a pilot or crew member performing search and rescue, aeromedical evacuation and aerial firefighting. Experience the thrill of high angle rope rescues, swift water rescue, dive and more in the LSFD's Urban Search and Rescue Division. Civilian Employment Our department also offers a range of civilian employment options ranging from Recruitment Officer to Public Relations. Work with our large team responsible for handling and processing applications as well as running interviews for people that wish to join the department. If an active member of EMS/Fire service, members can also work in our training department that helps shape the talent of tomorrow. As a member of Public Relations you will with our social media, capture photo and video work of the daily lives of firefighters, plan and coordinate events, and create a general public interest in the department. Apply Now
  10. All of Los Santos Fire Department's divisions and State Fire Marshal's to be in attendance to answer your questions for your new career!
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