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  1. ??? Your entire post makes zero sense. LA is filled with hella different latinx people of Mexican and Central American descent. Especially Mexican Americans and undocumented people from Mexico. If you go to SFV there is HELLA MEXICANS IRL. Van Nuys, Panorama City, etc. Anywhere in California or the US South West, you're gonna have a strong presence of Mexican ppl. There's also a large asian population in California, more specifically in LA (You've never heard of Korea Town?? The fuck?). All the way from San Francisco's China Town to Long Beach Cambodia Town to Kearny Mesa in
  2. Heat heat heat
  3. Go to West Hollywood if you want to see mallrats IRL. Nah but fr I think that civilians on this server are needed to make it feel like an actual city, instead of a gang war server. But what we hate to see, is people RPing lesbian, PF gun toting, Paul Walker car driving, fearless cocaine fueled sex machines.
  4. Patrón


    Tried this shit out. I don't really fuck with it.
  5. Facts. We have BEEN needing this. This being added would be a game changer for immersion on this server. The default clothes are unacceptable for illegal factions. The mismatched/checkered/no arms shit is immersion breaking for legal RPers. Bridge the gap.
  6. @ZaE going hella crazy on the screens
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