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  1. LARGE CLEAN UP OPERATION IN PALETO BAY 9th of August, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Supervisor Jennifer Schneider PALETO BAY - Firefighters were deployed in a large clean-up operation in cooperation with the State Fire Marshals in Paleto Bay, allowing them to continue with a fire investigation after a structure fire and building collapse. On Friday, August 5th, 2022, the Los Santos Fire Department helped in a large clean-up operation in Paleto Bay following a building collapse after a structure fire that happened in the evening hours on Monday, August 1st, 2022. A large commercial building collapsed during the original fire, leaving one firefighter injured. State Fire Marshals requested help with a clean-up operation so the fire investigation can officially begin. Firefighters from all city and county stations were called in to help, moving on site in the evening hours, beginning a large, hours-lasting operation. State Park Rangers and Sheriff's Department were called in to help with the whole operation, making sure everything goes as planned. LSFD deployed several heavy-duty vehicles in cooperation with the Department of Public Works. A command truck (CM2) from headquarters in Rockford Hills was also deployed to further help with planning and on-site communication. During the initial operation, one firefighter was non-critically injured and treated by on-site EMS staff. Hazardous materials were removed from the building and State Fire Marshals officially began their investigation. The whole scrapyard remains closed to the public. Paleto Boulevard was partially closed around the scrapyard, detour routes were available. The department would like to thank all involved firefighters, EMS staff, civilian employees, and other LSFD employees that were involved in the operation. Special thanks go to Los Santos County Sheriff's Department, especially Paleto Bay station, San Andreas State Park Rangers, and State Fire Marshals. The department thanks you for your help during the whole situation and we were happy to work with you. Operation Photo Album Units Dispatched: E1, RA71, CM2, SQ3, PIO, PR1, PR2, PR4, SMD3, CM2, BC1, E91, E98, RA94, UT9 LSFD Facebrowser; Recruitment; Press Releases;
  2. Comments are disabled. Note: The dog was safely returned to its owner one day after the fire, volunteers took care of him in the meantime.
  3. DOG RESCUED AT STRUCTURE FIRE 4th of August, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Specialist Casey Harper, Public Relations Trainee Emmi Knight, Public Relations Supervisor Jennifer Schneider Engine Four is staffed by Volunteer Engineer Brendan Finnemore and Volunteer Firefighter Wolcott PALETO BAY - The Los Santos Fire Department responded to a commercial structure fire at Paleto Bay on the 1st of August, 2022. Career staff from Station Three and Seven along with volunteers from Station Four responded to the scene. Engine Four, manned by Volunteer Engineer Brendan Finnemore and Volunteer Firefighter Alexis Wolcott arrived on the scene first and assumed Incident Command. Rescue Engine 3, Engine 7, Truck 7 and Rescue Ambulance 73 arrived on the scene about 6 minutes later to assist. Lance the Pug, rescued by Engineer Brendan Finnemore As Firefighters were battling the fire, a sudden and loud explosion ripped through the building and injured a single firefighter, he had sustained minor injuries and is expected to make a recovery. Furthermore, during firefighting efforts, a dog, specifically a Pug, was spotted by Engineer Finnemore and thanks to his quick reactions, the dog was rescued from the scene and was taken away from danger. The pug was given a temporary name of 'Lance' and was taken to Station Four in Sandy Shores, a day later an elderly woman arrived to reclaim her lost four-legged companion. The Department and the State Fire Marshals will be conducting a clean-up operation on the 5th of August, then the scene can be formally handed to the State Fire Marshals to investigate the cause of the blaze. Units Dispatched: RE3, E4, E7, T7, RA73, PR4, PIO Agencies Involved: State Fire Marshals, Los Santos County Sheriffs, San Andreas State Park Rangers Image Album: HERE LSFD Facebrowser; Recruitment; Press Releases;
  4. LSFD RELEASES STATISTICAL DATA FOR JULY 1st of August, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Member Casey Harper ROCKFORD HILLS - The Los Santos Fire Department is stepping up its transparency commitments to the people of Los Santos by announcing its new project. The Department will now be releasing monthly statistics. This will encompass our call volume, response times, and major incidents we attended for the month. In July, the Metropolitan Fire Communications collected a total of 836 calls for July, which can be seen in the breakdown above. A large portion of our calls involved firearms and/or people getting injured. During this month we responded to a series of major incidents, which will be listed later in this release. Explanation Shootings or GSW (Gunshot wounds) is a 911 call that specifically mentions the person was either shot, grazed, or wounded by a firearm. MVAs or Motor Vehicle Accidents is a 911 call that states there has been a traffic collision. Injured patient is defined as a person who has been injured, such as attacks with blunt or sharp weapons, falls, and/or minor injuries. DOAs defined as a person who is deceased on arrival. (This includes 911 calls about people unresponsive and/or confirmed deceased) Reported fires cover smoke investigation, reported vegetation fires, and manual fire alarm activations. Major Incidents are when a fire is confirmed, or an incident that involves a large number of units, such as a Mass Casualty Incident or wildfire. Misc calls are something that cannot be categorized, it can be routine calls of service, welfare checks, community service calls, elevator breakdowns, etcetera. Next up are our response times for the month of July Explanation LOCAL means any calls that are local to a fire station, within 1.5 miles. CITY means any call that's within city limits and isn't near a local fire station. COUNTY means any calls that are in Los Santos County, response times may be higher due to the vast area and attempting to locate the caller, the Department will continue to work on our County response times. This data does include staff getting to their vehicle and traveling to the scene. Next up is our Major Incidents for the month of July Explanation Major Structure, Residential, and/or wildfires Incident 1: Hope Community Center - Electrical Fire 01/JUL/2022 | Incident 2: Perseus Nightclub Structure Fire - 10/JUL/2022 | Incident 3: North Rockford Drive Structural Fire - 17/JUL/2022 | Incident 4: Elysian Island Structure Fire — 20/JUL/2022 | Incident 5: Commercial Structure Fire - East Mirror Park - 31/JUL/2022 Search and Rescue Incidents Incident 1: Calafia Road - Fall from height - 01/JUL/2022 | Incident 2: Cassidy Trail - Missing Person 02/JUL/2022 | Incident 3: Paleto Forests - Missing Persons - 08/JUL/2022 Wildfires Incident 1: Great Ocean Highway, Zancudo Forest - Wildfire - 17/JUL/2022 | Incident 2: Grapeseed - Vegetation Fire 24/JUL/2022 Mass Causality Incidents Incident 1: Forum Drive - MCI - 02/JUL/2022 | Incident 2: Little Seoul Gas Station - MCI 02/JUL/2022 | Incident 3: Sheriffs Station Protests / Riots - MCI / Major Incident - 30/JUL/2022 LSFD Facebrowser; Recruitment; Press Releases;
  5. FIRE DEPARTMENT INTRODUCES NEW LIVE INCIDENT TRACKER FOR PRESS AGENCIES 21st of July, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Supervisor Jennifer Schneider The Los Santos Fire Department would like to introduce a new Live Incident Tracker hosted by the Public Relations division. The tracker is a new way for journalists from all agencies to find out about actual and live calls that are happening throughout the city. The tracker will show basic information about the call and the location. Members of licensed press agencies will be contacted in the upcoming days by the Public Relations division in order to set up the system. Members of the company will get a pager, one for each member issued by the LSFD. Freelance journalists or independent reporters can also sign up and receive a pager. Please contact Public Information Officer Jenkins if you're an independent journalist interested in the system via the email here. A short meeting will follow so the system can be introduced and set up. The meeting will last for about ten minutes. Rules and regulations will be explained to each journalist or reporter in person. The initial project started about two months ago and was recently approved by Public Relations Director E. Reyna and Assistant Chief C. Stuart. We hope this new system will help press agencies and independent journalists in the city. For more information, contact the department via the non-emergency number (333) or email Public Information Officer Jenkins here. LSFD Facebrowser; Recruitment; Press Releases;
  6. LOS SANTOS FIRE DEPARTMENT HONORS OUR FALLEN HEROES 17th of June, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins LSFD File Photo - Funeral of Captain Jack Wolfsbane - Dated 2019. The Los Santos Fire Department will be lowering its flags to half-mast to commemorate our fallen heroes who have died in the line of duty, the department will observe San Andreas Fire & Medical First Responders Weeks which was passed on the 21st of May, it's set to last for 2 weeks. It was introduced by a friend of the department, formerly Public Relations Supervisor Scarlet Summers, and Senator Adrian Rossi. The Los Santos Fire Department thanks the San Andreas State Senate for passing this bill. The Los Santos Fire Department responded to 45000 calls last year, averaging 95 calls per day, the Department prides itself on providing outstanding community service work, life-saving treatment, and Fire and Rescue capabilities. Serving the people of Los Santos County is our primary goal and will always be our goal, our Career, Volunteer, and Civilian Staff work around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In 2021, we lost 3 colleagues, our family, and our friends, we thank them for the sacrifices they have made to serve the people of Los Santos County, they'll remain forever in our hearts. The Department is proud of our Firefighters who valiantly tackle a large variety of complex scenes ranging from commercial structure fires, MVA's, and technical rescues. Our Emergency Medical Technicians tackle hazardous scenes ranging from Mass Casualty Incidents, active shooters, and MVA's alongside our Firefighters. Finally, our civilian staff covers a variety of roles from Public Relations, Support Services, and Training and Recruitment. Fallen Brothers and Sisters Firefighter Klaus DeRusso - 26/OCT/2018 Captain Jack Wolfsbane - 28/JAN/2019 Captain Laura Murphy - 26/APR/2020 Probationary Firefighter Sakura Watanabe - 30/JUL/2020 Probationary Firefighter Amelie Wolff - 13/OCT/2020 Captain Cain Sanderson - 26/OCT/2020 Public Relations Director Freddy Mellet - 23/NOV/2020 Firefighter I/EMT Torstein Lindström - 27/NOV/2020 Engineer Isabel Lopez - 03/MAR/2021 Firefighter Edward Millers - 06/APR/2021 Engineer Freddie Martinez 12/APR/2021 Engineer Essie Beck - 29/JUL/2021
  7. LARGE WILDFIRE THREATENS STRUCTURE 10th of June, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins BLAINE COUNTY - In the late hours of Thursday at approximately 22:00, the 9th of June, the Los Santos Fire Department responded to a reported powerline on fire, upon arrival Battalion Two confirmed that there was a powerline fire, along with a large wildfire reported in the area. A nearby vacant commercial structure was threatened. A large operation followed which spanned 5 different agencies. Image Credits: Emilia Jenkins, LSFD PR Units from Station Two and Seven were initially dispatched to the scene, due to the scene's complexity and that there was a commercial structure nearby, incident command called for a second alarm which dispatched units from Station One and Station Six for additional resources. Firefighters tackled a challenging environment and limited water supplies to shift operations to protect nearby structures. This involved digging a trench to stop the fire from progressing further. With thanks to Gruppe Six, they were able to provide a water tender for the Fire Department to utilize to refill our Engines as they battled the flames. At approximately 23:00 FIRE-3 helicopter was made available for Aerial Firefighting and greatly assisted with the efforts. Image Credits: Emilia Jenkins, LSFD PR The Los Santos Fire Department extends our thanks to the San Andreas Park Rangers, Gruppe 6, State Fire Marshals, Public Works, and the citizens of Blaine County for your patience and cooperation during this large wildfire. We are happy to report that no structures were damaged during this fire and no casualties were reported. Public Works are currently on-site and are working to restore power to parts of Sandy Shores, it's expected to be back up by 5:00 AM. Units were dismissed from the scene at 23:30 PM. Units Dispatched: BP1, E2, E7, FIRE3, RA781, BC2, PR3 Incident Photo Album
  8. STATION SHOWCASE: LIFEGUARD TOWERS 5th of June, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins Welcome to the third instalment of Station Showcase, the weekly series about the Fire Stations the Los Santos Fire Department operates across Los Santos, from Paleto Bay to Los Santos International. The Department's Public Relations Division will be taking a look at the Los Santos County Lifeguards this episode! The Lifeguard Towers located in, Vespucci Beach, the home of the Los Santos County Lifeguards! History & Facts Tower One & Two is not an ordinary Fire Station, that's because it's not a Fire Station at all! It's operated by the Los Santos County Lifeguards! The Lifeguards use the Lifeguard Towers as the primary base of operations and for training. The Lifeguards oversee 24 miles of beaches across San Andreas and are the priority responders for medical incidents in Vespucci Beach. A brief history fact for you: Did you know the Los Santos County Lifeguards merged with the Fire Department in 1994? The Lifeguards were previously a part of the Department of Beaches and Harbours. The Lifeguards & Vehicles The Lifeguards currently operate out of Tower One and Tower Two, both are located at Vespucci Beach merely a 5-minute walk away from each other. Tower One contains the primary base of operations for Lifeguards, it includes bunks, medical equipment, boats, and a small workshop for minor repairs to the vehicles. Tower Two is used for training Trainee Lifeguards, it includes a pool and two classrooms. Tower One currently operates a total of 21 vehicles out of the station, namely: 7x CaraCara SUVs 4x Seasharks 4x ATVs 2x Dinghy 2x Fireboats 1x Tractor 1x Rescue Ambulance (full article) Q&A with Lifeguard Section Chief Rico Marshall Section Chief Rico Marshall Emilia Jenkins: Okay, so first of then, who is Rico Marshall, when did he join the Lifeguards? Rico Marshall: Alright so I joined in July 2018, so I'm coming up to my fourth year soon. I joined Lifeguards when it was a fairly small team and ran by one of the old Chiefs Arianna Iglesias. Back then we had I'd say... potentially seven or so members? It was a pretty small team given the division was still finding its feet and members would come and go. After finishing my probation period I aligned myself up to become a Dive Instructor since I enjoyed that subsection a lot and this enabled me to have more input on actual ocean rescues as well. Then the role of senior lifeguard got brought into the team to enable that extra level of supervisory that would help people gain the experience needed for Captaincy and onwards. So I became a Senior Lifeguard and then went from there to Captain and then section chief. Emilia Jenkins: Do you handle all the beaches across Los Santos County or the entire state? Rico Marshall: Alright so, our primary focus is Vespucci beach, however, we can get dispatched to any calls in the entire state in regards to Ocean rescues or events. So say for instance there is a festival at Paleto beach, we can be requested to patrol there instead. Or if there's a lot of activity in Chumash we can send units there to ensure folks stay safe and get that support. For day-to-day running, however, we are for now primarily in Vespucci. Emilia Jenkins: Any interesting calls you've attended the past week? Rico Marshall: We recently got called to a large tugboat accident that had crashed into some rocks and had sent a distress signal out. We eventually located the injured owner on a dinghy, due to the nature of the incident we had to have both Rangers and SFM involvement as well so it was a large team operation that had a successful result at the end of it. You never quite know how rescues are going to go so we are always grateful when we get a successful ending. Emilia Jenkins: When will you open up recruitment and anything to say to applicants? Rico Marshall: In terms of Recruitment we are hoping to open applications middle of June, and I highly recommend those thinking of applying to go for it. Being a part of the team means you are part of something bigger and can help make a difference within the community. A lot of our work isn't just doing medical calls and ocean rescues. We take a big interest in the community and help run events. So every single day is different. You can view our full interview here!
  9. WILDFIRE SEASON IS COMING TO SAN ANDREAS 3rd of June, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Supervisor Jennifer Schneider, Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins INTRODUCTION - Catastrophic brush fires are occurring every year not only in San Andreas but across the country. Studies have shown that 84% of wildfires are caused by human nature. Wildfires are most prevalent in summer. In the early 1950s, wildfire season was typically five months long. As time has gone on and climate change has intensified, our current wildfire season has grown to seven months. It is important to protect your family by preparing, planning, and staying aware. The first wildfire the department responded to during Operation Safe Forest happened on Sunday, 22nd of May, 2022. The department received a 911 call reporting a large wildfire in the area of Great Chaparral. Units discovered several trees and bushes on fire upon arrival. The fire started to spread around the area and affected both sides of the road. Brushes under a bridge also caught fire and the whole situation kept firefighters busy for over 120 minutes. Firefighters found propane tanks in the area during the operation. State Fire Marshals will be investigating the cause of this emergency fire. One law enforcement officer was injured during the situation and had to be transported to the hospital. Units Dispatched: E7, E96, E98, BP9, BP7, RE3, PR4, PIO, RA2 Image credits: Jennifer Schneider But Operation Safe Forest isn't just about fires. The operation was created by the Office of the State Fire Marshals in cooperation with the San Andreas Park Rangers and the Los Santos Fire Department. SFM scheduled multiple safety patrols across the state parks in order to prevent the wildfires and also spread the word about the upcoming wildfires season. Firefighters can be seen patrolling the forest in the picture below. Prevention is needed as the fire can spread to properties, cars, and other objects as well. Another main task the units had during patrol is to locate and safely remove all flammable objects or other potential hazards to the forest. During patrols, units were able to find a number of items that were deemed hazardous, ranging from trash, lighters, and a large quantity of peat. Peat when dried is highly flammable. During one patrol, units were also able to locate various turtle eggs on the beach of the Zancudo Trail, Lifeguards were promptly notified and they handled the incident. The operation started on May 21st and is scheduled to end on June 4th, 2022. Image credits: Emilia Jenkins (firefighters during a patrol) The department was finishing up the second patrol of the Paleto Forest with the State Fire Marshals and San Andreas Park Rangers, during this, the fire department received a call for service at 21:44 regarding a structure fire located on Route 68. Units arrived on the scene at around 21:48 and confirmed a two-story barn fire. Firefighters battled challenging winds to the south which knocked down several power lines. Power was eventually shut off across Route 68 which allowed firefighters to resume firefighting operations. The fire was knocked down at 22:33 and units were released from the scene. State Fire Marshals are actively investigating the fire. Units Dispatched: BP1, BP7, E1, E92, PR1, UT7, BC1 Image credits: Emilia Jenkins On Monday 30th, 2022, units patrolled the area of Col. David Collins Memorial Park during another scheduled Operation Safe Forest patrol. Brush Patrol 4 during the patrol spotted several tents and bushes on fire close to Chancy Lane. The fire was quickly spreading and the unit spotted an exploded propane tank at the campsite. More units responded to the scene and an additional Brush Patrol vehicle was deployed. Brush Patrol vehicles are specially equipped to battle large brush fires, allowing a Mobile attack where firefighters attack the brush fire along with the patrol vehicle in tandem. The Public Relations unit visited a local farm to make sure no civilians are on the property in case of an evacuation as the fire was quickly spreading in all directions. No civilians were found and the property seemed abandoned. Heavy wind was the main reason for the spread. Units were however able to control the fire and a knockdown was declared at 18:57 on the east side, followed by another knockdown on all remaining sides at 19:01. No civilians or firefighters were injured during this operation. Propane tanks and other equipment were safely secured. It is important to not leave any propane tanks, gas containers, and other flammable objects near the campsite unsecured. Units Dispatched: BP7, BP4, E1, PR3 Image credits: Jennifer Schneider How to prepare for a wildfire? Wildfires can start at the drop of a match and move swiftly and not every wildfire will spread uncontrollably. It can all start as a small bush involved in fire but the weather and terrain conditions can help with the spread. Before the season begins, it is advised to prepare yourself to protect your property and your family. Remove combustible items away from windows and walls, and put away all lawn, outdoor and wooden furniture. Dispose of dried leaves, branches, and wood outside on your property. Strengthen your home with fire-resistant materials, renovate or make repairs. Find an outdoor water source if possible that can reach any area at your property. Remove any vegetation that might be around your home. This way, you can create a defensible area when the fire comes. This area allows the fire department to place the firefighters between the flames and your home. Without this area, the fire will quickly spread to your home and there is little that can be done to defend it. Also, make sure to prepare an emergency kit. It is recommended to prepare an escape route so don't block the doors, windows, or other escape routes in case you're going to need them in the event of an emergency. Keep all doors and windows closed but unlocked. If you are already trapped near the wildfire, contact 911 immediately. Stay calm and follow the evacuation orders. Make sure everyone in your house knows and understands what to do in case of an evacuation. Have your documents such as ID, insurance, and personal documents in a safe place, for example, a password-secured digital space. Items can be replaced but your life can not. We would like to thank the San Andreas Park Rangers and the State Fire Marshals for their cooperation during Operation Safe Forest. For more updates, guides and information, follow LSFD Facebrowser,SFM Facebrowser, SAPR Facebrowser, and our Press Releases section. Image credits: Jennifer Schneider OSF Photo Album
  10. STATION SHOWCASE: STATION THREE 25th of May, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins Image credits: Elijah Lawson Welcome to the second instalment of Station Showcase, the weekly series about the Fire Stations the Los Santos Fire Department operates across Los Santos, from Paleto Bay to Los Santos International. The Department's Public Relations Division will cover each station to explain the main purpose behind them, history, and cool facts. Without further ado, welcome to Station Three located in Davis, South Los Santos, the home of the Urban Search and Rescue Division! History & Facts Station Three is one of the youngest Fire Stations the Department currently operates out of, it was built in 2001. The station provided a large coverage of South Los Santos with typical Fire and EMS operations, along with this it had an Urban Search and Rescue division stationed there. Station Three has been the home of USAR for the past 21 years and it has seen significant changes and improvements over the years. A station-wide modernization project was launched in 2016 to bolster USAR's current fleet. This brought the upgraded Technical Rescue and HAZMAT from MTL, the older vehicles were retired from service in 2017. Image credits: Elijah Lawson Shifts & Vehicles Station Three is watched over by Battalion One under the command of Battalion Chief's Kurt Holland and Nolan Medrano, they both cover the A shift (9:00 - 21:00) and B shift (21:00 - 09:00) respectively. Station Three currently operates a total of 10 vehicles out of the station, namely: 2x Rescue Ambulances 2x Utility Tenders 1x Rescue Engine 1x Technical Rescue Vehicle 1x HAZMAT Vehicle 1x Swift Water Rescue Vehicle 1x K9 Vehicle 1x Battalion Vehicle Q&A with USAR Commanding Officer Lucas Morel Our recruitment drive is closing on the 26th of May! Are you interested in the Urban Search and Rescue Division, want to serve your local community, or become a Volunteer Firefighter or EMT? Get your applications in! You could be the next hero our city needs.
  11. COMMERCIAL STRUCTURE FIRE AT LITTLE SEOUL 21st of May, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins LITTLE SEOUL - In the late hours of Friday the 20th of May, the Los Santos Fire Department received multiple calls for service regarding a reported structure fire at 21:59. Resources from Station 3 in Davis and Station 7 in El Burro Heights were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival Engine 7, under the command of Engineer Capra assumed Incident Command. It was initially reported as a residential structure fire but was upgraded to a commercial structure fire after a size up was conducted. A Firefighter battling the blaze - image credits: Emilia Jenkins Engine 7, Truck 7, USAR-3, and Rescue 871 were dispatched to the scene and arrived at approximately 22:03 and confirmed a single floor commercial structure fire with flames protruding from the interior of the business on the northern side. Engine 7 and Truck 7 immediately started a defensive attack upon arrival at the scene. Primary search teams were unable to locate any victims. There were no injuries reported. Firefighters concluding the incident - image credits: Brendan Finnemore Knockdown and Overhaul began at 22:52 PM with the crew from Engine 7 and USAR-3 taking part. The scene remains under investigation by the State Fire Marshals. Units were cleared at 23:10 PM. Incident Photo Album Units Dispatched: E7, T7, USAR3, RA871, PR2, PR3, PIO
  12. Still searching.
  13. STATION SHOWCASE: STATION SEVEN 18th of May, 2022 LSFD Public Relations Trainee Emilia Jenkins Welcome to the first instalment of Station Showcase, the new weekly series about the Fire Stations the Los Santos Fire Department operate across Los Santos, from Paleto Bay to Los Santos International. The Department's Public Relations Division will cover each station to explain the main purpose behind them, history and cool facts. Without further ado, welcome to Station Seven located in El Burro Heights, the home of the Emergency Medical Services! Station Seven is one of the oldest Fire Stations the Department currently operates out of, it was built in 1985 at the request of the Fire Chief to have a Fire Station closer to the industrial park located in East Los Santos due to the recent high profile commercial structure fires in the area, the station has gone under various changes to the property, namely a modernisation project launched in 2002 and 2022 respectively. Station Seven is watched over by Battalion One under the command of Battalion Chief's Kurt Holland and Nolan Medrano, they both cover the A shift (9:00 - 21:00) and B shift (21:00 - 09:00) respectively. Station Seven currently operates a total of 13 vehicles out of the station, namely: 5x Rescue Ambulances 3x Divisional Vehicles 1x Fire Engine 1x Fire Truck 1x Brush Patrol 1x EMS Supervisor Vehicle 1x Battalion Chief Vehicle This Station houses the Emergency Medical Services, Training and Recruitment and Tactical Emergency Medical Services Divisions. You may wonder why we refer to Station Seven as the Home of Emergency Medical Services, well that's fairly simple, Station Seven has predominantly been a EMS station for 25 years with the majority of our Rescues stationed out of it, it's by far one of the largest stations we operate with a key focus on Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support care along with responding to Fire and Rescue incidents that may occur across the state. Are you interested in a rewarding career? The Los Santos Fire Department has a number of roles that you could be interested in from Volunteer Firefighters, to Career Firefighters or EMS staff, Lifeguards, even Civilian Staff working in Support Services, Public Relations and Training and Recruitment! Check out our recruitment pages today.
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