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  1. Apologies, I have been away and meant to end the bidding this will be sold to JordanM
  2. Send me your contact information please
  3. Send me your contact number and I'll be in touch, will keep this open meanwhile.
  4. Hello, I am looking to sell my flat in Forum Drive. it has: one bedroom, one bathroom and living quarters (kitchen included) Sensible offers only. ((ooc info))
  5. I am looking to purchase an Albany Alpha, please send me an email with an offer. ((PM))
  6. Yes!! PLEASE stop emoting your thoughts we can't read them
  7. I have for sale a few vehicles please see below. Vapid Stanier2 Price: $42,500 ((ooc stats:https://imgur.com/z7gXRsH )) Bobcat XL Price: $32,500 Pretty standard just dropped the suspension last I checked, purchased from new. ((ooc stats:https://imgur.com/obCB7qR )) Manchez Price: $28,000 ((OOC stats: https://imgur.com/jzkUoSD)) CONTACT ME 5444
  8. cooker

    [4SALE] Tugboat

    Vehicle for sale: Tugboat I'm selling my boat, it floats. Hull is intact, has some living area. Best place to when the world ends is in a fully stocked up boat in the Alamo right? https://i.imgur.com/OfazAeA.jpg Start bidding at: $60,000
  9. I think its safe to say people who understand poker want max buy in limits and people who don't understand how to play don't want limits
  10. IRL pretty much every Casino has a max buy in. Just saying.
  11. Username: IqBALL Comment: WTF BOSS? I KEEP HOUSE??
  12. I am in full support with this there needs to be a lot of tax just like real life, this would encourage people to either work very hard legally to show off their wealth or use other means to avoid tax. For example barber shops where I live and probably world-wide most definitely lie about how many customers they get to reduce the amount of tax they pay. Would create some interesting RP dynamics and potential.
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