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  1. I will contact you and buy all of them to save you time and effort.
  2. You may take the Obey for $230,000. I'm willing to discount it by $16,000, that's the lowest.
  3. Baller will be sold to you for 205, will contact you shortly.
  4. FOR SALE Obey 9F and Gallivanter Baller ST Both vehicles come with manufacturers performance modifications and security features Low mileage on both vehicles! Obey 9F - $246,000 Baller ST - SOLD (( OOC Stats ))
  5. You can take it, not going to fight over some metal
  6. FOR SALE Reluctantly I am forced to put up for sale my beautiful penthouse suite, which is situated on the top floor of twenty, inside the Alta Street penthouse building. This property is a beautifully restored and re-designed, 2 bed and 2 bathroom, modern interior with furniture included in the sale. See the brochure attached for more photo's of the property. Brochure The property has been valuated and surveyed to a high standard, which reflects in the property price. Price: $900,000 Please place your interested offers in the section below and consideration will be taken. ((OOC Info))
  7. Will offer the asking $155,000 if this is still available
  8. Starting bid, can I see this in person?
  9. (( You might want to read the property sales rules and then amend your price to reflect how long you have owned the property 😁 ))
  10. Increasing my offer to $80,000.
  11. Offering $75,000. Would like to view this in person.
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