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  1. *Username: Scar *Rating (( 1-5 stars)): 5 *Comment: Best cosmetics store in LS no doubt, best service, best products. I can't get enough of her amazing products.
  2. An apartment is for sale comes with a decent size kitchen and bed room, located in Bridge Street near the Soccer field. https://ibb.co/N19g73r https://ibb.co/NZDLV9W ((OOC info:https://ibb.co/PFKCWLh)) Starting price: $70.000 Buy-out: $110.000
  3. Bravado Buffalo Sport Upgraded Engine, Brakes, Suspension, Transmission and a Turbo. Mileage: 900 miles. Looking for 165 grands, SMS me for offers. Contact me via 89529296. ((OOC Status))
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