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  1. Hey, this still available? May I have a viewing sometime?
  2. No lowballers, I know what I have.
  3. no u can have it for $85k its only $85k go for it my friend
  4. actually nvm u can have it for $85K!!!
  5. Let me have this for 77500 and ill give you kiss in the apartment
  6. Car is now insured for 30 days. Safe for you to drive home.
  7. Zak's Blista Kanjo Ever wanted to be a "hotboi"? Do you smile at the fact that you will bottom out on 95% of the roads in Los Santos? No seriously, you'll scrape even on the best roads in Vinewood. Do you want people to look at you and smile, thinking they are smiling at how cool you are but really they are just laughing at you and how stupid you look? Do you want old people to ask if your wheels are broken and do you want absolutely everyone at every car meet to ask you why the hell you spent so much money on a Blista Kanjo? Maybe your son wants a sports car and you want to buy this for him, somehow convincing him this is a "sports car" despite having barely 200HP and the exhaust sounding like a broken Faggio! Maybe you just want to be cool and you want to impress the cute girl at the Auto Shop by offering her to listen to slowed lil peep with you in your stance car as opposed to listening to trap music in the superior dudes hellfire with this hunk of garbage! Here's your chance! Testing the waters and heavily considering selling my Slammed/Stance Blista Kanjo. Willing to entertain trades for something nice or will consider cash. If your trade is nice I can throw in cash as well. Mainly looking for Jesters, Elegy, or any "JDM Legends" in this city. A lot of money and time has been put into this including raising the frames, a complete motor swap, clean respray of the engine bay and plenty of rare parts that I outsourced from Japan and Liberty City. I don't mind keeping the car if nothing comes my way. Now onto the Details. Modifications: Asking $63,500.00 OR BEST OFFER. More Pictures: Thanks for your time reading! Email me at [email protected](PM ON FORUM) or message me on FaceBrowser(https://face.gta.world/zakkk) if it interests you and you want to check it out in person! Feel free to ask any questions at all. ❤️
  8. As if ERP isnt bad enough in this server lets create an area to have underage rp nice LMFAO
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