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  1. William George Randolph January 5th 1965 ~ Present William George Randolph was born on the 5th of January 1965 in Providence, Rhode Island, as the only son to a Father who was serving as an Associate Justice on the Rhode Island Superior Court and a Mother who was a traditional housewife that spent her day looking after both William and Elizabeth - William's sister who was three years older than him. His childhood was just like that of any other in the area at the time, growing up in an affluent neighbourhood with caring family and whilst he wasn't the perfect student, his family exerted pressure on him to achieve the best possible marks at school. When not in school, William often frequented the local library, reading the biographies and works of the great founders of the United States of America but also modern day interpretations of them and their actions, broadening his mindset. He was a somewhat social child and would spend many Summer afternoons running around the historic streets of the East Side district of Providence with his friends, although he would mostly admire the history and architecture of the area rather than pay attention to what his classmates were doing. At the age of 14, shortly after his Father was appointed to the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, in October of 1979 William met President Jimmy Carter as he was visiting the state. William expressed his admiration for the law and the acts the sitting President was making, and despite him only being a child, the President acknowledged his desires to learn more. He then signed a pocket sized printed version of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and handed it to William. Whilst the election of the following year would be a humiliating defeat for President Carter, it was not something that held the young William back, who then decided he would pursue a career in Law so that maybe one day he would have left his own mark on the small pocketbook he carried with him daily. William later went on to study for his Juris Doctorate at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, during which he spent his Summers doing internships with varying law offices in Philadelphia and eventually Washington D.C. Whilst on his final internship he was noticed by the then US Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, William B. Reynolds and offered him a position in his office upon graduation - and offer that he'd happily accepted. He then continued to spend most of his professional career within the US Department of Justice, bouncing between multiple offices - gaining experience in Criminal, Constitutional and Legislative law - before ending up in the Office of Legal Counsel. When it became clear to William that there was no clear career progression for him, as he did not want to bow down to the political pressure of more senior offices in the DOJ - and him believing strongly in State and Individual rather than Federal Rights and Power, William made the staunch move to relocate to the other side of the nation, eventually settling in the State of San Andreas After passing the relevant tests, William became a member of the Bar Association of the State of San Andreas in which he vowed to stand for and protect the very things he'd discussed with his Father and President Carter. He keeps the small pocketbook with him whenever he is practising law to act as a constant reminder to himself. To be Continued
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