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Paranoid Cobra

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  1. Quality time is time spent with friends. Stay safe out there.
  2. Rainy days? Brighten 'em with tequila. Church.
  3. Very much interested. Please reach out per private message for contact information.
  4. I'll take it for 27. Shoot me a message privately, please.
  5. Can't help but agree with Maramizo. The clothing alone is something worth sticking to 1.1 for!
  6. I share your opinion here. We've gotta use the in-game things and lore as much as possible and only use "real life" things where the in-game items are lacking / not diverse enough.
  7. "Ballad of an outsider - S.Y.L.M." Honored to be here, gentlemen.
  8. Main man right there. Big baws of the prison system. Love you longtime.
  9. Nah fam, it all revolved around my car but I cba to get into specifics anymore it's a pointless discussion so let's both agree to not revive it any further and carry on with our days/lives. All the best, boss.
  10. Traffic court. My charges weren't traffic.
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