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  1. I appreciate your words, brother! Reach out to me on Discord, please. I'll hop on as I'm unbanned now! Back in the saddle with a fresh character.
  2. Fuck me that orchestrated hit looks deep.
  3. Sick to see you're all still here. Keep booling.
  4. and then others get banned for poor portrayal :rofl: classic moment
  5. Quality time is time spent with friends. Stay safe out there.
  6. Rainy days? Brighten 'em with tequila. Church.
  7. Very much interested. Please reach out per private message for contact information.
  8. I'll take it for 27. Shoot me a message privately, please.
  9. Can't help but agree with Maramizo. The clothing alone is something worth sticking to 1.1 for!
  10. I share your opinion here. We've gotta use the in-game things and lore as much as possible and only use "real life" things where the in-game items are lacking / not diverse enough.
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