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  1. Thank you for the clarification.
  2. I've been discussing this new update and some questions have arisen regarding it, as the rules regarding this command are vague. Is this command to follow the vein of /showitems? As it stands, the current ruling is: Victims of a robbery are expected to roleplay what their robber would find based on the descriptions of the search performed on them accordingly. Only at the end of the roleplay surrounding the robbery, once the robber is done with roleplaying taking what they can take and finished with the presented search, is when the victim must /showitems upon request of the robber. These following rules go forth for Law Enforcement as-well. Those being frisked by Law Enforcement, may only ask and present the command of /frisk after the RP is said and done. Is the /rob, then, to be used after the robber is complete, as it does the job of /showitems? Or are we to immediately /acceptrob as soon as they robber yells hands and throws a /rob at us, regardless of any RP done save for the initial stickup? Doing it at the beginning of the robbery seems to defeat the purpose of the above rule about doing it after, as it gives a full list of anything we have on us and lets the robber know what we have and that until they have what they're after, they can continue to strip us down/pat us down/what have you until they get the items on our list that catches their fancy. It was my understanding the reason for /showitems being done after the robbery RP was concluded, was to verify the things he took would realistically be in the places checked, as opposed to being forced to /showitems at the start so they could possibly metagame what you have on you and proceed from there. Then there's the command itself. If they /rob it sends a robbery request to the victim. Keyword: request. Given there is no /denyrob I'm guessing the victim is then forced to /acceptrob when the command is used on them, without question. Could we get more clarity on these commands and their intended usage, and how they are supposed to affect the quality of robbery RP?
  3. I've seen it said such quite a few times over the year I've been on the server. It'd take me hours of hunting through every thread to find references of it, but @Keane could confirm or deny the reason Bolingbrook isn't in use.
  4. I feel like you completely ignored, or perhaps misunderstood my post. I didn't say a word about how anyone was RPing. I said that, as per the server continuity thread, the reason TTCF is used as both a county jail and a prison for sentenced inmates is due to the other state facility being considered overcrowded, as the staff feel we lack the population to actually make use of it.
  5. So you feel that our Park Ranger faction provides more to the server than a faction dedicated to consistently having guards available for prisoners? *Edit* TTCF is also used in dual-purpose for more than just a county jail. It's doubly used a prison for those sentenced. The continuity reason for this I believe is the other correctional facility is considered overpopulated.
  6. Your whole post there was a lot of 'I disgree, bunch of kneejerks, bandwagon post', but didn't provide much reason as to why for any of it. It's been established that the majority feel prison duty is boring and SD would rather be out there catching the bad guys. That's fair. But the point of this topic is to find some sort of middle ground or better way to facilitate inmates, their RP, and their visitation. As TTCF duty doesn't seem to be something many LSSD members take much enjoyment out of, why not a new faction take over TTCF? Los Santos Department of Corrections. We have Park rangers. We have life guards, While both add flavor, neither seem quite as important as a faction dedicated to RPing with, and facilitating RP for our endless number of inmates.
  7. I saw increasing sentences mentioned and I gotta ask, do you know if you plead not guilty your sentence time is 9999999 hours until you have a court case? And if your character is out in jail for something they didn't do, or had valid legal reason to do and the cop just didn't want to hear it, your "not meant to be a criminal and not made for jailhouse rp" character is now indefinitely in TTCF until someone can get around to your case in the Judiciary faction. It completely removes you from any rp you may have been involved in for potentially weeks. This is why I believe there should be a change. The options I'm seeing here are: Make a faction purely for TTCF. Make visitation NPCable as far as guards. Push SD back into its older role, where TTCF was a primary focus. The last one doesn't seem very viable, though.
  8. When I did my time on a female character who was mostly restricted to the female block, I didn't receive this treatment. Odds are pretty high you're right in saying it may well have had something to do with your case as you said.
  9. Could the system be changed, then? Instead of requiring a deputy to be in with the inmates, add more cameras? Not every inmate in TTCF is a sentenced criminal and shouldn't be treated as a supermax sentenced inmate. I've visited friends IRL (In jail, not prison. Prison always had guards standing there) and it consisted of a guard in a booth while observing the cameras. Or perhaps in the terms of guarding a boring visitation, perhaps delegate that as one of the many unspoken NPC jobs? I understand it's boring guarding visitation. But the visitation shouldn't be so hard to do because of it. Realistically denying visitation because nobody feels like doing it is unconstitutional, and we do try and mirror RL as often as we can. There has to be a middle ground that can be found.
  10. Perhaps SD could push a little harder on the civilian prison guard jobs that I've only just been informed are a thing?
  11. I want to preface this by stating I'm not bashing the LSSD in any way. I understand people have lives outside of the game. This is not an attack on the faction. This is suggestions and a discussion to try and better the experience for the people locked in TTCF. I've been an inmate at TTCF. I've visited plenty more over my time on the server. During all of this, I've noticed a fairly common trend: A lack of prison guards. Getting in for a visit can take literal hours out of someones day, just to RP a twenty minute visit. Sometimes, this can be attributed to a lack of SD members on. I get that. But there are times of the day where I'll pass 10 or more LSSD vehicles patrolling the roads on the way to TTCF. Before anyone says 'well the player knew what they were getting into', I'd say otherwise. When I was arrested the process was not clearly explained to me. Especially not the plea system and the lack of any sort of trial or lawyers beforehand. I've spoken to others that felt the same. There are also cases where someone is innocent, being set up, or wrong place wrong time that are having their RP stifled by the system as it is. Most folks that aren't there for prison RP, don't really enjoy how it is currently. I feel that having guards at TTCF should be more of a priority, and I'll explain my reasoning. One, these people have the majority of their RP privileges removed. If there's little to no other prisoners on, and no guards on? They're stuck playing with themselves and due to the lack of guards, can't even have someone come visit and RP. It's the responsibility of LSSD to look after these players, I feel, as TTCF is SD and only SD, rather than SD and PD. Can't even make use of the 'active roleplay x3' if there's nobody to actively roleplay with. Two, with two law enforcement branches in the state, SD should be able to spare a body or two for staffing TTCF. I understand it's a boring job, but it's the job the character signs up for when joining SD, and the inmates have to suffer boredom as well. It's a crap job, no denying that. Just one that is required to keep a steady and fair handling of our inmates. Three, it's my understanding that /jqreuest goes to SD's Discord(please correct me if I'm wrong here). Having a system that notifys members of the faction not even in game should be more utilized to help facilitate RP, not be so often ignored because nobody feels like it. It's a responsibility of the badge. Throw the inmates a bone. tl;dr, inmates need more SD presence to facilitate their varying RP, SD is currently fully in charge of that, and some sort of middle ground or better system should be decided on to better help our players stuck in the can.
  12. Tobacco stores are extremely common IRL. Not sure why they would be viewed as old-timey or novelty. Only smoke shops tend to sell a lot more than just cigarettes. They now sell a wide variety of tobacco products, glassware, and vape products. Let 24/7's sell cigs, but update the tobacco shop script to add a more realistic variety.
  13. I mean I'd have to care how you saw me for my image to be ruined, but it doesn't change the fact that it happens. You ever hear the statement "all men are (insert insult of choice)"? And then you get those butthurt men going "HURRDURR NOT ALL MEN!" Obviously it's not all. It's a generalization. And generalization happens because it's overwhelmingly common. It's become the norm. And those that aren't a part of the generalization aren't offended by it because they know better. They realize it's a majority even if they themselves aren't a part of it. Those that get offended, however? Those are the ones that are well aware they're being called out. If you're offended by me calling out what I've personally seen happen often? Look inward.
  14. Smilesville nailed it. And again, you make this huge thing. "Want people to scope out for five days?" No. I just want robberies to stop being in the middle of main roads and intersections. I want them to stop being on the beach or the biggest tourist attractions in the city. I want them to stop happening across the street from police or fire stations. You know...make criminals actually give a shit about their own well being and safety. And I want them to stop emoting they whipped a shotgun out of their damn pants leg when just moments ago they were walking and/or running up on their victim normally.
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