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  1. I highly appreciate EVERYONE in this topic who helped to speed the matter up, as it's something that we daily come across to and definitely needed some official NEW ruling. I believe the solution we found now, yielding to what's coming from the right is the best one, as it avoids people unnecessarily waiting at a red light, especially with the low density of traffic that we have on GTA World. Approach, check left and right, if right's clear, go on, simple! This needs to be also implemented into the driving school exam, so new players are aware of this! Very important!
  2. That ambush video reminded me of a scene in Fast and Furious . Crazy! As long as we go ahead and implement 2 timers for Pilot RP'ers in Law Enforcement Factions so we can be fair again, everything's going to be alright, for sure!
  3. I read this, I liked it and I approve it! This would be a good implementation for law enforcement roleplay!
  4. The traffic lights are desynced ... @knppel
  5. Hey! I hope this is the right place to post this in, if not, sorry! Detailed Description: " 1212.) If, upon approaching a junction containing traffic lights, the traffic light displays a red light, the driver must stop before the white perpendicular line or last perpendicular line of a crosswalk. The driver shall yield the right of way to any and all vehicles before proceeding through the junction. If the traffic light displays a yellow light that is going to a green light, then it is to be treated as a green light. If the traffic light displays a green light, the driver is not required to stop, and may pass through the intersection without stopping. Shall be charged with the applicable Title IV charge. " Currently you are supposed to come to a full-stop when approaching a red light on an intersection, the problem with that is: The lights used to be synced, now they are not anymore. To avoid any further confusion and to actualy use a system that would work I suggest that we change it into the following: Everyone intending to cross an intersection has to slow down - not full-stop - and yield for any vehicle that's coming from the right, if there's nobody coming, players can just cross through the intersection. OBVIOUSLY, if anyone has any better ideas, please share it here. Relevant Commands/Items It would also be necessary to implement the actual law into the driver's license exam (script-wise), so new people can be made aware about it. How will it benefit the server? People can use a system that's actually going to be reliable and work. Chance to get into a car crash is lower, because of no desynced traffic lights, cops can actually investigate car crashes properly without to void them, because the traffic light was green/red for both.
  6. Hey @Moonsong! First of all I would like to thank you for your reply on the matter I raised here in this topic. The "gray-area" aspect is something that concerns me severely. There should be at least some ruling or guideline that can be taken into account when going through any scenario as I have mentioned in order to play in accordance with existing server regulation to ensure that the player(s) are not breaking any server rules.
  7. At what point are you required to roleplay injuries? I'm talking about dynamic situations like shootings, brawls etc. This has never been covered in the server rules, even though it's something very cruical and was obviously not considered to be implemented with the ruling that was made officially in terms of "headshots", or genereally the surrounding topic of roleplaying "injuries" as a whole. Also. If you get shot and survive it. Can you timeskip it in the hospital? If yes, for how long can you do so? When is someone allowed to return to their "normal" roleplay again? Those points that I raised are aspects that almost every player comes across with at some point, yet there are no official guidelines where a player can look through in order to not break any server rules unintentionally. BTW. I'm a huge fan of what was added on Tuesday in regards to headshots, now people are aware of how to roleplay a critical injury in accordance with server rules. Thank you!
  8. hey, YOU, yes, YOU, don't click, OK? DONT WATCH THIS!
  9. more? you're going to kill me btw. thanks for subscribing! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuQeNzZ0HpfxbnWCEp-tGQg/videos
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