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  1. I've had this issue when I had GTA installed on a HD instead of a SSD, maybe that is the problem?
  2. Username: Isthisreal? Comment: Seems like they're out of ideas so lets just make up stories. Post some real news already.
  3. only if I had a wife QQ. Hahahahhaa, I said I was a kid back there lmaoooooo
  4. That is nonsense.. That's actually kind of metagaming in my opinion, atleast how you explain it now. You don't CK them because they're your friends? That would be weird. Sometimes stories happen with these ends.. If it's your friend or not.. I mean, it's not for fun to do yeah but well.. Sometimes, sometimes.. And if he doesn't roleplay with you anymore because of that that says more about him than you sadly. However I can understand if he wants to take a new project after getting CKed. I mean, I don't think many will rejoin if they get cked xD Well kinda harsh to say like you "all". I mean, I think everyone have felt emotions by a game. People who say they don't aren't robots they are just to tough to tell the truth lol. And feeling emotions isn't immediatly shouting and raging. But it can be a simple form of being annoyed. I remember about ten years ago me being in a roleplay scene which didn't work out so well me ending up in smashing my pc broken, lol. Of course that's not the way to go, but just a brief example. I was still a kid back there but still.. So conclusion, I understand you have feelings about killing a close friend, who wouldn't, people who don't are just badasses. Serials lmaooo.
  5. You can't compare GTAW's economy anywhere near that or what you're actually saying is that a brand new car in GTAW DS of 20k cost 2k irl brand new. Clubs are always more expensive than bars and as above was mentioned thats simply an ic matter if you don't wanna spend then pre drink at home and go waisted to the club. Bars most likely got around the 2-3 people running around when opening so you can't compare that to a live DJ, bartenders and security.
  6. Try this, not sure if it will remove completely. /pvariants (/pinteriorprops, /pips) - allows you to enable + disable different interior variants.
  7. Support. And IF they really want X hours take 5 instead so they can be introduced to the server and then start working.
  8. Actually it was, it was the whole roleplay scene. By creating advertisements like this is actually against the rules, read rule 17. "Illegal advertisements are not allowed even if the intent behind them is hidden or attempted to be hidden IC." Then he made it even worse by using the LLCN's HQ and the rest. Soo.. I think a refund request should be in place for this, try it at least.
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