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  1. From the server rules (see the last sentence): Motels can't serve as individual homes or safe storage points. Anyone is able to rent a room and handle the items inside.
  2. That's to be expected. The amount of things police can do increases a lot once you also mention the location for a start, where the car was going, car model, tints, plate, and what the robber was wearing and what they looked like instead of talking about "some dude" . The majority of calls do not go any further than "my car was stolen" and with that level of description, it's rare that someone would bother to call back.
  3. It wouldn't make sense to enforce this. Limiting roleplay possibilities and communication under the guise of more dependency to server systems and 'lore' is senseless and will fundamentally continue to be so while factions and organizations routinely depend on things such as Discord for the most trivial of communications. The mail system currently serves more as a convenience or a "cool thing we have" thing. It loses individual functionality the moment you lose your password, because you can't recover it. PMing someone on the forums to ask for their email and send them a message there is more of a vanity than anything else. There is. The continuous selling of the CEF sites and how friendly they are with in-game integration is ridiculously overdone as you are required to log in every single time. The MDC, for example, requires you to log yourself in with your badge number and UCP password on every occasion, only to give you a browser variant with no tabs and limited functionality when anyone in their right mind would just opt to tab out instead. It is confusing to understand why any efforts were ever made in that direction when many other UI elements could benefit from a serious facelift.
  4. There's already a clear distinction between "wounded" (what is currently proposed to be renamed to "brutally wounded") "knocked out" (able to be helped up from fist damage etc.) and "dead". This doesn't impose anything at all other than a rename of the system on the server at this time. That is precisely how it worked on the other big server that I presume the original post was referencing, or at least is where the term "brutally wounded" was first used in a GTA roleplay game. Petty and wrongful deaths in that regard need to be enforced by staff and curbed to the point where they don't occur anymore, there is no other solution to things. Players who simply want to screw with someone will always circumvent whatever system is presented to them and go out of their way to bring a person they don't like into a failstate, i.e. forcing them into an animation and making them lose their items.
  5. The operation started a couple of days after multiple cops were gunned down in a certain area: it was definitely a great effort from those who took the time to organize it. At the same time, though, people namechanging or just avoiding us aren't really of concern. If they're the ones who were involved or somehow related to the shooting? Great, they live out the consequences. If they're simple bystanders caught in the crossfire, then they live the consequences of what happens in their area and get some motivation to prevent it from happening again. The heat brought upon their block is the same heat they'll have to deal with. Persons without the willingness to understand what happened there will simply jump to think that we were bored out and chose to abuse our power (barring in-character narratives, although everyone who got arrested got told who to point their fingers at anyway)—the rest will understand and know exactly whose fault it is for the operation taking place: it is no one else's other than the people who were involved in the shooting and the gang that gives them a name. Those people can be outcasted and sent off, and if that doesn't take place, then all other gangs in the area are more than welcome to shoo the troublemakers out. If none of those two things happen? That's completely fine: they'll deal with continuous injunctions and investigative holds and go through the expected repercussions of behaving the way they are. The same approach can be taken for all types of gang-related violence, although the similar "warzone-like" principle that applies to many other areas of the server and not only gang environments is unfortunately still there and will continue to take place until management comes to a ruling about it. Although clear already, no amount of theorizing or discussion will fix the issue on its own. I only posted here and quoted that so I can post the bureau handshake emotes, but YDY.
  6. Exactly, we take it outside too 😑
  9. I believe the standardized approach that the SD has taken is to simply let you keep your things but you're supposed to roleplay not having them until you're released. Obvious contraband items are however taken away as you wouldn't get to keep them upon release. Whether everyone follows that agreement is unknown, but I agree that it would be nice to have an option to properly take items away until someone gets released.
  10. Your thing; I personally hardly encounter those kind of issues based on the fact that I keep medical roleplay concise and more focused around the interaction with a patient on both an in-character and out-of-character level, while setting a lower focus on solemnly and continuously tracking vitals up to a decimal accuracy, especially when they're not essential to the conclusion of a situation. I probably don't have as many issues based on the fact that I tend to be a fast typer, so the routine of some procedures isn't all too exhausting for me as it may be for others.
  11. You can try to just not make extremely long lines instead. They're mostly unnecessary. You can obtain vitals without asking for exact values of every single thing and then expecting a patient to know exactly what you mean. You could always just ask if the values are normal, and if not, then what would be different about them. Should someone ask for an exact number from you for some reason, then you have the knowledge to make one up and that would be completely fine. Not to mention that most patients might not even need vitals taken: an alert patient who has a single complaint and that is a stabilized gunshot wound, doesn't need to be held on the street for 15 more minutes to collect their oxygen saturation out of all things. If you get pissed medical staff over you preferring to rush someone bleeding into the hospital instead of getting an oximeter on them, take it in-character. Interacting with the faction loses a lot of appeal when it can appear that it's a show of being left in a cloud of fancy terms and words which they get diminished for not understanding, as unsurprisingly, most people don't care about those things and they usually get their characters involved in medical situations unwillingly. This means that most people don't even really want to have to go through this kind of roleplay, and they would rather get out of it as soon as they can. Whether it's boring for them or they think the level of detail that some medical responders take it to (e.g. chest decompressions in the middle of the road) is gross/disgusting or too much, depends on each person. I can absolutely understand the negative perspective that people form when someone would go up to them and start talking about a sphygmomanometer and they get asked about their systolic and diastolic values. Then they're queried on their SpO2 values. From an out-of-character perspective, a medical scene isn't supposed to be an ultimate show of who knows more terms than the other person. It's supposed to be a well-orchestrated interaction between a handler and a patient where they work on establishing what the patient's condition is and how the patient deals with the approach taken by the handler. Convoluted and intricate words and terms do not need to find themselves in the preliminary, menial interactions between a first responder and a victim. That is unless the victim does wish to go into this amount of detail: in that case, they can of course always have at it.
  12. I believe all sides would have to benefit from the concept of an NPC ambulance system, and it appears that this suggestion has also been relatively well received within the department itself.
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