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  1. LS County Sheriffs @LSSDHQ · Jan 27 @PBSSHERIFF Join us in welcoming Deputy Oakwood to the Paleto Bay Sheriff’s family! He successfully completed his patrol training and received his certificate of completion from Sergeant Bernritter at a pinning ceremony just tonight.
  2. @i dont wanna od in LA may have some information on methamphetamines and their gameplay effects to add.
  3. LS County Sheriffs @LSSDHQ · Jan 21 @SEBLSSD Physical agility test at this month's #LSSD SEB detail selection tryouts. The LSSD SED conducts several training schools throughout the year, including a Basic and Advanced SWAT course and a Long-rifle (Sniper) School.
  4. We came to that conclusion within Training Bureau Command; appeals aren't only handled by individual persons: we respond and act as an entity. Whoever it specifically is that actually sends you your reply isn't actually important. I was told that barely one hour had passed since you'd sent your appeal to the Assistant Sheriff before you made that video. It is understandable that you are frustrated and I assume this thread is the product of that, but this isn't necessarily a great display of conduct that would put you in a good light for when we open again in two weeks. A lot of effort and thought had been put into your situation and extensive feedback was offered, not only by us in SD, but even the community just now, yet it seems you're not really interested? I can only restate what I mentioned in my previous reply by saying that it really just didn't work out this time. The interview felt superficial, there was very little research done into your character's military background, and the rundown of this thread sadly can't give off a great impression. Whatever happens or whatever you do next is, of course, up to you.
  5. Hi Anthony. Usually, we strictly prefer to process appeals or grievances in private mediums. I wasn't too familiar with your case, so I had to briefly look into it in order to get up-to-date with the reasons for your denial. You first passed the written test for our faction in November, which is fair enough. We allowed you to skip to the interview stage here as you'd previously left the recruitment process, which we feel was reasonable. In hindsight, we now worry that it might've set a far too laid-back impression or standard for you in the interview, as this was the stage you had failed at. It felt like your responses and behavior were at times superficial or not really thought-out. Your character started by introducing himself as a "canidate", referring to your interviewer as "maam/"; quickly we also spotted that your emotes would sometimes be run-on sentences, devoid of any comma, linker or periods. This made your roleplay look a bit uncanny. Some other more trivial errors were found in your responses related to pronunciation and grammar, with some sentences such as "I love outdoors to" either being left uncorrected or unnoticed as being faulty. We usually don't recommend that new players try to portray a military character. During your interview, your character was probed and we didn't get much else other than "him being in the military" and getting fit. OK... what about an MOS? Pay grade? Tours? Your character did "multiple deployments", but where? Detail was starkly lacking in that category, and we heavily suggest against roleplaying a military background if you are not overly confident in it. Think about the "stolen valor" videos you see on YouTube with fake veterans getting pressed: can you make sure that wouldn't happen to your character? Finally, while the main intention of your answers was decent and I could tell you were very well-spirited, your emotes felt fairly scarce and uninformative during the interview. Many questions were placed, but nothing sent your character into any kind of ponder, pause, deep thought or hesitation. We usually want more than just drinking water! Admittedly, I didn't watch your video nor do I specifically really intend to. I am told that the one you posted here is a 'second variant' of a series of two, where the first one was a very angered rant. Please remember: we just didn't feel like it would work out this time, and it is not a personal decision or matter of any kind. Those are all some things for you to look at and consider, and we would be more than happy to reconsider your application in the next recruitment drive. This time, however, especially with these few videos in mind: I think it is best that we bury the hatchet. Thank you.
  6. I think readding it would still be better. It leads to many occasions where you're expecting the Fire Department yet hear no chirp solely because none are online. The idea that "online members = calls should be responded to" is, in my opinion at least, not so ludicrous. Filtering actual field units that are available would be great if possible.
  7. I have yet to come across a book or other text/media that uses slashes to express an emphasis. Italics would be better compared to slashes, dashes, squiggly lines, or whatever else you will.
  8. I have never come across a situation where a "suicide"-related roleplay situation was the case of anything other than an inset character or poor, insensitive development and actions (prime examples being """IC breakups""" or OOC frustration e.g. "bad day at school"). Suicide roleplay is either used as an inconsiderate and illogical way to put an end to, often times, equally poorly (if even at all) thought-out characters; or simply serves as a means to gain some kind of attention from the fact or idea that people are forced to play around a character. In the former case, an obvious fallacy is the fact that the best psychologists and negotiators couldn't talk one of those alleged "troubled" characters out of their decision to commit suicide, as this decision is entirely built upon an OOC motivation. It is absolutely lame and a waste of time. Click here to go to the UCP and just namechange. I do not believe that giving the OOC player of Crystal Ruby (a non-existent, hypothetical entity for this example) an opportunity to mistake an IC commotion for their character as OOC adoration or interest, is a good idea.
  9. LS County Sheriffs @LSSDHQ · Jan 11 @LSSDCPU #LSSD The Los Santos Sheriff's and Fire Department have prepared an event for a prosperous start to 2023! Come along and learn about the vehicles and equipment we use daily in the service of the community! This Thursday, the 12th of January, at 18:00, you can find us at Fire Station 6 by the Los Santos International Airport.
  10. LS County Sheriffs @LSSDHQ · Jan 7 #LSSD Major Crimes Bureau Detectives are looking for Clark McDougal. McDougal is wanted for questioning in connection to a burglary that occurred in the Township of Grapeseed. Anyone with information on the location of this individual is encouraged to contact Sergeant Boone from the Major Crimes Bureau.
  11. ☢☢🔥🚨🚒🚒🚒
  12. LS County Sheriffs @LSSDHQ · Jan 4 @SEBLSSD SEB SWAT operation is ongoing on Brouge Avenue cross Macdonald Street in response to a barricaded subject. Please avoid the neighborhood and its surrounding areas for the duration of the operation. #LSSD
  13. LS County Sheriffs @LSSDHQ · Jan 3 The #LSSD is investigating a Deputy-Involved Shooting on Grove Street. Please avoid the area until the investigation is complete.
  14. You could actually and technically follow GTA Online character customization tutorials on YouTube. You have access to more options on here (since you have access to the entire parent pool, ancestry, etc.); but for the most part, you can actually get away with following those tutorials. I would then also still advise that you make some additional changes beyond that in order to make your character belong more to you rather than just the confinement of an online tutorial that other people might have followed too.
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