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  1. If the map size was an issue, we'd just block off 90% of the map so that people are forced to roleplay together. That's not how it should work, however. There should be enough room to accommodate for everyone. Implementing this would create a ton of role-play. People would finally be able to RP going on vacation (not to Paleto). There would be airlines, boat companies. Right now, planes and boats literally have no purpose. Having a flight from LS Airport to Sandy is useless. We've never had the opportunity to RP any of this, not in GTA 5, not in SAMP, but we finally do. I think it'd be stupid to not take advantage of this. It also doesn't seem like a huge area, maybe the size of Sandy Shores? The pros massively outweigh the negatives.
  2. That could work. I don't personally know what the impact would be, but it's definitely realistic and more than nothing.
  3. No, that's not. Right now, you can /vstats if the vehicle is locked. Press F or G and while your character is in the anim, do /vstats. If you keep walking (not even try the door), no one will know that you used /vstats. As a car thief, you can literally walk past a vehicle and know everything related to its registration, insurance, security, mileage and modifications without even touching it. Heavily abusable. You can't /engine unless you're sitting in the driver's seat (AKA the hud is also visible). Make it the same for /vstats... I don't think that it is due to Rage. You can't see the mileage of the vehicle (in the HUD) or do /engine if you're not fully inside the vehicle. I think it was just omitted when the script was implemented but it should be an easy fix?
  4. Something should still be done about it. We can't take the next step and start selling cars, houses and businesses in-game just because the game server costs money to run as well. There's workarounds - for the server, some cool perks that were non-essential and didn't give anyone an unfair advantage just because of OOC wealth - has been found. Why not look for something for Facebrowser as well? The solution is not to remove it entirely, not to keep it like this but to find a different way. And there's plenty of solutions here already. The verification system is also a massive metagaming breach. From an IC perspective, what did those people do to get verified? Have their parallel universe master pay make a payment in a different currency and economy? What would be the IC reason why a random police officer is verified and a police captain isn't, while having the same social status? It's literally legal metagaming.
  5. Give people the option to issue a refund or convert to WP, taking into consideration the amount of time left and how heavily said perks were used.
  6. It does make sense but I can see this being abused in some way - people promoting their own factions, businesses, suggestions etc.
  7. It's different for /bad - that's doesn't make a business seem any more or less important than it actually is. Plus, you are still able to have a blip if you hire an advertiser ICly. Having too many business blips doesn't mess up the business scene nor the immersion, though. Having too many verified profiles does. Facebrowser should be entirely IC, from my point of view. A ton of people donate, on a monthly basis, to support the server and keep it running. Facebrowser is fully pay-to-win right now which again, shouldn't happen on GTA:W. If you want your profile or business to have some recognition, you'll have to pay real money to have your posts boosted, your profile verified and your page promoted. Or you can take the long way and go step by step. That's the definition of pay-to-win. Pay for $1,000,000 IG or make it, dollar after dollar - same situation, different scenario. The next step is to start selling IC vehicles for IRL cash.
  8. The rules should be different but that's the point, there should be rules. A complete lack of rules is not the way to go. Regarding real estate, it's not the same but it is a similar situation. Houses have market values which act as a price cap, just like the brand new prices work for vehicles (again, not exactly the same but similar). Even more, you won't be able to sell a $35,000 Forum Drive apartment for $120,000, even if the supply is limited, nor would the rules allow you to do so. And no, vehicles are not unlimited. There's a specific numbers of vehicles available on the market at a given time. Yes, you can argue that you are able to buy a new one at any point - which is, most likely, what you mean by unlimited supply - but that's just theoretical. In practice, few people choose to buy specific vehicles as brand new and tune them, because the vast majority of players would much rather spend their time and money to look for one, thus having a cheaper outcome. The supply is artificially limited by the lack of interest in purchasing new vehicles - which will never change. Which brings us to the topic at hand, used vehicle dealerships are clearly taking advantage of this - and no, there's nothing wrong with that; it's a business, it has to profit. The issue is that exact profit, from an OOC perspective, and how this market is generating totally unrealistic numbers. RP quality management will approach a small store owner who's driving a Pariah, because even if he can afford it script-wisely, it wouldn't be realistic for them to do so from an IC perspective. In the same way, a person running a used vehicle dealership, no matter how developed it is (with few exceptions) shouldn't be able to afford a $500,000 vehicle either. The issue is that... they do. And with the current standing, it's totally realistic, as they make enormous amounts of money from literally sitting in the middle of a parking lot all day - again, no matter how much the RP lacks or is developed. Yes, there's dealerships which choose to not go for crazy profits for realistic reasons and there's dealerships which don't know how to deal, thus either losing money, not making money or making very little. Those are not the issue. The issue are the few which do make money, and make a ton of it. The issue is that there's no rules surrounding vehicles, vehicle trades and player-owned vehicle dealerships. Limiting the amount of dealerships will only fix half of the problem. You won't have a ton of unrealistic characters with enormous bank accounts, you'll only have a handful of them. That's not much better. If your house is on fire, restricting the fire to the kitchen is not really a solution.
  9. But that's not an argument. There is no shortage of houses, just like there is no shortage of cars. If you want a house, post an ad and you'll find one. If you want a car, post an ad and you'll again - find one. If you specifically want a maxed out Komoda with a custom paint job, you might or might not find one, just like if you specifically want a trailer in Sandy Shores, you might or might not find one. Cars are not unlimited either. If you go on the UCP, you'll see a number stating how many player-owned cars there are on the server. Yes, you can buy a brand new one and pay more but really, a small percentage of players do that, and only on certain, specific occasions. Cars are just like properties. There's rules for properties (and reselling properties), so there should be rules for vehicles (and reselling vehicles).
  10. Facebook doesn't check IDs, why would GTA World? And no, I wouldn't send in my real life ID either, just to be able to log into a game. You're talking about making your private information (and in the cases of some countries, sensitive information) public. No, I don't trust the GTA World staff team - I'm not saying they're not doing their job, they are, but they still are random strangers to me and I'm not going to give my very personal information to some random strangers. And as was pointed out previously, everyone else who, in one way or another, has or will have access to this database. Like really, I'm not going to have my personal information in my own country's database, in the FBI database and in GTA World's database, that's ridiculous. This would just lead to the server losing a lot of players who are mature enough to know that posting your ID on random websites is not a thing to do.
  11. In that case, the cooldown for property purchases should be removed as well. If having seven different vehicles in a single day is realistic, then going through five different properties in a day is not realistic. There should be limits on either both or none, don't you agree?
  12. Yes and no. In order to say "there is only so much you can do" you have to do something first, but nothing was done to regulate the activity of dealerships. PM limiting the number of dealerships does not help in any way, from what can be seen and it still is unfair to have such earnings by just waiting around. I mean, if I'm smart and I find a way to sell food for $5,000,000 a day while abiding to all rules, that doesn't mean that it's realistic or okay.
  13. That's literally what I said ? That's the whole point of this topic. I was part of the problem, there's no debating that, and if I'm coming forward with our numbers and view on the whole used car dealership industry, I can raise an issue that most people didn't even know was there. Someone like you, with perfectly okay dealerships, wouldn't have a leg to stand on - besides speculation, and other people who are part of this problem would rather enjoy their money and never come forward. It's a similar issue to scripted jobs, it's literally grinding. Something was done about those, something should be done about these as well.
  14. I'm not sure why people keep saying that the numbers are fake. Logs can be checked if anyone has any concern but no, they are not fake. All of those sales / trades were our dealership's activity during the last week of activity. The spreadsheet was the way we kept track of what was coming in and out and whoever bought or sold at Denov can confirm that that was our tactic. And it worked. And we did make millions in weeks. And... we're not the only ones who do. Yes, Sunset, Autopia and one or two more dealerships are focusing on the RP, not solely on money. And that's perfect. But most people are not. And again, yes, we were part of the problem - we were focusing on the RP but we were also highly focused on the income. We did have an office (which, by the way, didn't make the RP any more or less enjoyable or realistic) and a business that would be profitable in real life was probably one of the most profitable on the server. That makes no sense and that's why I personally feel that some regulations should prevent people from being able to make big bucks by flipping trashy vehicles. We were buying Rusty Emperors for $5,000 and selling them for $15,000 - market price. That's a ten thousand dollar profit on a fifteen thousand dollar car and that makes no sense. Yes, it's the customer's fault for falling for it but that doesn't make it fair from an IC perspective. Not when most of the people on the server, whether they are drug dealers, bartenders, security personnel or CEOs, make that kind of money in months, not days. That's why I feel that it is unfair, that's why I feel that there should be rules surrounding vehicle sales / used vehicle dealerships.
  15. Yes, the owner of Denov was banned for unrelated reasons. The numbers were our daily revenue and profits, as the table was the way we kept track of our stock (updating it after buying or selling a vehicle, every time). I'm sure we weren't the only ones with that profit.
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