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  1. A lot of people have add concerns and questions about this topic, and after speaking with SAGOV, LSGOV, and management, this isn’t something we are going to prohibit. If our IC politicians decide to go either route on Roe Versus wade, they will have to accept the consequences. Just understand on a OOC sense, our politics cannot effect the real world. Ukraine is a much more sensitive problem in regards to international issues, Roe versus Wade is more isolated within the US in regards to politics, hence why we aren’t prohibiting it.
  2. Hey guys, if this thread continues in discussion of factions, it's going to be locked and archived. It's just faction bashing at this point with no constructive criticism, just pointless opinions to flame at factions they don't agree with. Continue with other topics.
  3. At the moment, and for probably a bit of while, these cities do not exist in our lore. So technically a rulebreak or something that can be brought up to RPQM. I'll let the community discuss this one in the Continuity discord, but from personal opinion, I only see this causing issues seeing as we already only roleplay San Fierro, Los Santos, and San Andreas
  4. The Grand Theft Auto video game itself doesn't exist as this would conflict with both the vehicles we use and the other rockstar branded items within our world. So generally the rule is to not have any reference to said game. A prohibited topics section in the Wiki is in the works as we work on the new wiki.
  5. As much as I wish to give you a answer here, this is unfortunately not a question in regards to Continuity Management (Lore) of the server. I highly recommend making a discussion post or posting a suggestion in the in-game suggestion board.
  6. Thanks to @Biscuit, we’ll have something out for this when the next continuity update comes out.
  7. Thank you for all the laughs and being there for those who needed it. You've left a mark in this community, and you will always be remembered.


    o7 Chief Patty


  8. In a general sense, they shouldn't be roleplaying what they haven't done IC. That is reportable. Creating a /note then selling it is kinda iffy, but selling like a online photo, not sure why anyone in their right mind would buy that, but players are allowed to do it as selling a printed photo is something you can do IRL, albeit illegal. But say in your art gallery setting, if they are selling artworks that they didn't create, that's definitely something that should be reported to Property Management for review based on their rules. Any copyright concerns need to be forwarded up to Nervous, but otherwise, they aren't being sold for actual cash, just in-game currency.
  9. Could you explain a little more into this? Such as selling a IRL song that wasn't made by your in-game character for money? Or how do you mean Art Gallery?
  10. like favourite and subscribe

  11. Think of it kinda like this: In a situation where you come up to another player in-game, in what sense does it make sense to just start talking about what's going on half-way across the world when GTAW is it's own world, with no worries or stresses of what's going on anywhere else? This sort of topic is prohibited because it's simply not a topic we want to roleplay or have players stress about when GTAW is that escape. The same for the emancipation going on right now. Why would you want to roleplay that? and how often does it come up in-character here that you need to reference it? I would love to hear exactly why it would need to be referenced in-game or roleplayed besides that of a "potential of missed prejudice, misconceptions, and stigmatization." Simply put, there isn't much of a reason to reference this in-character. Most valuable reason I can see is for when you're typing up a character backstory. Covid-19 simply is something we don't need to roleplay in the now and in-game and this was unanimously agreed upon through management. It might be apart of it, but there is no reason to reference it in any situation as of today. Characters will need to find their own situational reasons to act based upon certain races and simply not use Covid-19 as an excuse. I have seen multiple factions based out of little Seoul or mission row fluidly go through with their roleplay without needing or wanting to reference Covid-19, so I believe that all can carry on through their lives roleplaying as if it simply doesn't exist.
  12. A lot of LEOs I've seen have already gone and implemented a rule around this, albeit there are several different types of tasers. Some are single shot, some have double shot. There are quite a few advancements within the world of Tasers as of late. All in all, LEOs are to follow the rules set in place by their faction based on whatever current IRL taser there is to roleplay (No restriction from continuity has been placed besides those that exist IRL), and if you feel they are breaking that rule, faction reports can be found here: For example, San Andreas Park Rangers currently roleplay the X2: Double-shot CEW Taser - https://www.accreditedsecurity.com/docs/TASER-X2-operating-manual.pdf
  13. Simply don't see any benefit in referencing either Rockstar or GTA, nor why we would need to, as referencing Rockstar or GTA doesn't enriches your character's development. So no, there's no reason to allow this, and only causes confusion.
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