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    If asking for a commission, the buyer should have an idea of what they would like. 

    This Includes character, poses, expressions, etc. 

    The more detailed you can be, the better I can make the art for you!

    I only accept payment through paypal/venmo. 

    My character is an artist in game, we can rp IC if you like, it makes the commission process more fun!



    My prices are USD, if you don't use USD, you would need to look up the conversion rate.


    I'm allowed to decline an idea if I don't want to do it. 


    No reuploading/posting without credit 


    I start after payment. 


    If you are in need of a refund at any point in the process, I will issue a refund depending on how far done the commission is.

    If it is halfway done, you will get half your money back.

    If you need a refund, that could also take time as well.

    TLDR; Refunds are a hassle but I will do them if needed. If the art is finished you will not get a refund.

    Last rule: Please be respectful and courteous.

    I love making art for people, do your best to let me continue enjoying making art. 


    EXAMPLES: This art is traditional but now i've switched to digital! I can do either for you. I'm also aware of the lack of humans, but i don't have access to some of my more recent work. I have full confidence in my ability to draw people. 





    Headshot Sketch: 5 $
    Halfbody Sketch: 10$
    Fullbody Sketch: 15$

    Headshot: 15$
    Halfbody: 20$
    Fullbody: 25$

    Flat Colorless Shading
    Headshot: 20$
    Halfbody: 25$
    Fullbody: 30$

    Flat Color
    Headshot: 20$
    Half Body: 25$
    Fullbody: 35$

    Simple Shading Color
    Headshot: 25$
    Half Body: 30$
    Full body: 40$

    Complex Shading Color
    Headshot: 30$
    Half Body: 40$
    Full Body: 50$

    Fully Rendered w/ Complex background
    Headshot: 40$
    Half Body: 55$
    Full Body 70$

    Background: 5/10 $ depending on size of piece
    Additional Characters: + 1/2 original price

    Props & very complicated characters, we can discuss. 




    Discord: pwrglove#2487

    Or message me on here!















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  2. Hey there! My name is Wren. I'm 25, and looking for work. I've performed a lot of odd jobs around the city to earn a living, but it has proven inconsistent recently. Here are some of my skills/good work qualities.


    Consistency and Timeliness

    Respectful and understanding

    Great at multitasking

    Sociable with customers

    Good at sales and marketing

    Has lots of experience with technology

    Can lift large amounts of weights

    Willing to get hands dirty



    Burger Barn: 2012-2014 as assistant manager.

    2017-2021 various odd jobs.


    I am not looking for an food service positions, unfortunately.


  3. My name is Cecil Monroe, and I'm looking for any sort of job openings in the Los Santos area. 

    I'm an incredibly hard worker, and I'm great with reaching all goals expected of me. You won't see me slacking while I'm working. I work like my life depends on it. It kind of does! I'd say I have many strengths, but just like anyone else I have my weaknesses as well. 

    I'm hoping for an accepting job environment, with kind co-workers. Of course this doesn't have to be the case.

    What kind of work am I looking for? Anything really works. Please don't try and get me tied up with something illegal though.

    Contact me at 09612287 (or under this post) thank you!

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