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  1. Nice to see some really good character development within the faction members. 8 months already, rolling good, keep it up, guys!
  2. Not sure if it was related or not, but I've tried creating a new character, however, I didn't get the "preview", only the character customization tools were visible. I tried several times by restarting the whole game, but it didn't help.
  3. As an AvGeek - I would love to see all that in-game. However, I don't think people appreciate current aviation RP that much and we won't have enough personnel to cover all positions required for ensuring the airport service. Also I agree on both audio and text ATC, as the owner of the thread stated - all pilots should be on TS3 channel/freq to be aware about the traffic, but they can decide either to use text or audio for communication with ATC. + how we gonna track airplanes in the air? Is there some kind of radar IG already? Or is there a possibility to get that using some kind of external software? Anyway, +1
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