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  1. quantV's enb makes the streetlights white
  2. Never had any interest whatsoever in ERP'ing since eight years or some I've done RP. Doesn't click for me any other way other than to have banter from it, much less actually getting turned on by shit like that. Not that I have an issue with people that do take part in such scenarios, just that I never been able to feel the drive from it ever.
  3. Change your texture settings to normal in game.
  4. Your GTA is installed on the SSD right? How long since you've had your discs?
  5. ^ Didn't manage to contact, vehicle still up for sale.
  6. They literally wrote that forums will soon be available as read-only with everything in it 🤔.
  7. kerszer

    Texture loss

    Set your textures quality to normal, it fixed it for me.
  8. kerszer


    Lemme take it for a spin and I'll decide
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