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  1. Whereas this is a completely IC situation; here is my opinion about the topic: It's harsh, well harsh and represents a bit of robotic roleplay but then again to each their own and generally it's bad to comment or judge someone's RP. But since LEO RP impacts the whole playerbase, maybe LEO RP'ers should be encouraged and pushed more to have a rather more realistic approach? again, just my opinion
  2. its cuz rage needs to fix some issues on its end. u need alot of persistent restarts to connect to a server on 1.1 and there is the FPS drop issue (that I face). and its reported by others too and the number of players with such issues is expected to grow. I believe this is also why no big voice roleplay server (e.g mafia city, eclipse) have moved to 1.1 themselves yet too. dw gtaw is ready for 1.1 and will deploy when issues on rage's end are fixed : )
  3. u forgot that we kicked @Maple
  4. Locking this for now. This suggestion serves little purpose, has little foresight and is just not up there.
  5. I'd like to say bluntly but rather firmly that it is a suggestion I don't see being implemented. You want to be given temporary access to change plates because they're in your dealership so you don't have to insure them? This is absurd and frankly- doesn't make sense at all. If your car doesn't have insurance paid or w/e - then it is simply not road legal (from an IC perspective). It is too much to add for too little. Dealerships already make a lot. You can insure it for the bare minimum or charge your customer when you sell. Don't see the need to have this at all.
  6. could do with stringent OOC checks on players history to make sure they wont abuse it
  7. So you're suggesting for there to be shorter commands for sell vehicle and all?
  8. Fishing is already in the works. Yes. @Shekh
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