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  1. Any experience and/or formal education in finance and looking to create a REAL career out of it? Look no further! We are looking for loan advisors. CLICK HERE for more info!
  2. Loan4You is hiring loan consultants! Do you have any formal experience and/or education in finance and are you looking for employment? Look no further! What does being a consultant for Loan4You entail? • You'll advise and guide people through their loan application. • While guiding someone through their loan application you'll follow multiple steps to ensure security and certainty for both the company and the client. • You'll be a point of contact for the clients. What do we expect? • Experience in finance and/or a formal education in a finance related programme. • Proper communicative abilities. • No other employment (it is a full-time career that you are pursuing)! What can you expect? • A very good performance based pay. • The opportunity to grow within our company. • A fun workplace with great colleagues! Do you have what it takes? Contact us! Phone: #10000382 Email: [email protected]
  3. Chen Holding, Inc. is a Los Santos based holding company. Shareholders Chief Executive Officer Patrick Chen - 40% Chief Financial Officer Catherine Chen - 40% Chief Operating Officer Raymond Yoshida - 20% Contact Phone: #10000381 Email: [email protected] Loan4You is a Los Santos based company that specializes in the distribution of both private and business loans. Contact Phone: #10000382 Email: [email protected]
  4. For sale is the WHOLE top floor of Weazel Plaza. Being sold after months of work because the renovation project is too time consuming and I'm too busy with work. Sleeping at hotels is too tiring for me. MP: $300.000 FP: $276.678 The price (not negotiable): $1.100.000 ((Furniture slots used: 1105)) The interior is unfinished and requires some work. If you wish to see it call #300-000-00. If you want to buy it leave your number or try to call #300-000-00.
  5. For sale: Two classic exotic cars! Bids will be considered! Leave your number in the comments or call #30000000 if you're interested! GT500 - $350.000 ((Stats)) ((Inspiration: A blue Ferrari 250GT SWB)) Cheetah - $510.000 ((Stats)) ((Inspiration: A red Ferrari Testarossa))
  6. "Shell" has been added to the gallery.
  7. "Rich" has been added to the gallery.
  8. (("Sex" has been sold! L&A))
  9. Aliyeva.art FOR SALE: "Sex" by Adina Aliyeva Price: $15.000,- Comments are disabled. Interested buyers can leave their email or phone number! ((You'll receive an IC item, the PNG without a watermark AND the official, one of a kind NFT that serves as a certificate of authenticity to avoid people copying the artwork and powergaming/claiming to have the real painting!))
  10. "Bath" has been added to the gallery.
  11. ((the pope's reaction to Aliyeva's art))
  12. ((All paintings are now turned into NFTs to serve as proof of authenticity. There is only one NFT per painting. The collection can be viewed here!))
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