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  1. Banshee sold for $200.000. Coquette still up for sale.
  2. upgrades and miles?

  3. BANSHEE STARTING $200,000 COQUETTE STARTING $200,000 Both vehicles are registered, uninsured, and have aftermarket parts installed. They have the latest and the finest engines installed incl. blrakes, transmission & turbo. Aftermarket security locks and alarms installed as well. PH: 50257063 OR 5953081 | EMAIL: [email protected] (( @mushi )) or [email protected] (( @PirHuraib ))
  4. Looking to buy Elegy Retro and ZR-380s, paying more then the purchase price if car is upgraded with all after market parts. Call me : 40848123 Or email me (PM)
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