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  1. I resigned pretty much right after Velja by her side, I can say that the realism standards she kept were high and the experience was great, yes, it was primarily politics based but it was done professionally and realistically.
  2. More relatable now than ever
  3. Danny "Kamikaze" Okimoto challenges Levan "The Lion" Botkoveli for the belt Los Santos, SA — August 18, 2021. The Rockford Dome hosted yet another MMA fight night, consisting of two exciting undercard fights and a title fight; Noelle Wolff vs. Nell Nasso Raymond Capri vs. Victer Mann Levan Botkoveli vs. Danny Okimoto Danny Okimoto (left), Levan Botkoveli (right) By SEBASTIAN REYNOLDS Noelle Wolff vs. Nell Nasso; opening fight of the night were the women's undercard fighters. Noelle Wolff is a known fighter in Los Santos, having won at The Rockford Dome before and the manager-fighter of Vespucci Sports, regarded as one of the most prolific female fighters in the sport as of right now. Nell Nasso, although not as known as Wolff in Los Santos, is not an unfamiliar face either; her most recent fight being in Brooklyn shows the dedication she has, not minding travelling the country to face Wolff. Nasso (left) and Wolff (right) fighting it out during their first round. Round 1 The two were going absolutely mad during the fight, not giving each other any time at all to make a mistake, focusing on dumping their energy out as swiftly, but also as quickly as possible. Both were extremely quick, and threw plenty of punches at each other; however, unfortunately for Nasso, she was caught by Wolff's monsterous overhand punch, resulting in her getting knocked down onto the ring floor as a consequence of their overextending during the fight. Round 2 The second fight was practically a mirror of the first one, yet again relentlessly throwing punches at each other until Nasso was once again caught out by Wolff, receiving a body punch into the gut while attempting to land a few hooks, getting floored a second time. They gave each other no room and Nasso fought until the end, having already been exhausted from the first fight with under a minute of rest, while Wolff managed to swiftly avoid her punches in the round before. Raymond Capri vs. Victer Mann; second match of the night: a male undercard fight between the duo. Raymond "The Italian Stallion" Capri, the man locally known in Boston, who managed to slip a win during his first and only professional fight in Los Santos at the Sweathouse, was presented up against his counterpart, Victer Mann. Victer Mann, the younger brother of Rafford Mann, an individual looking to do some justice to his last name, proving that he in fact is a man ready to take on Capri, and with high hopes to follow in his brother's footsteps. Mann (left) demonstrating his speed and Capri (right) Round 1 While the round started typically just like the previous round, it quickly took a turn and it seemed as if Mann was the "Mann with the plan", having used sheer speed as his tool against Capri, it was practically impossible to land good hits on him. He ran circles at times, with Ray attempting to do the same, but was often caught out by Mann, landing easy punches directly onto his unprotected back, as seen above. Round 2 The round where both went at it hand to hand, Mann directly going at Capri's weak point, that being his tiredness. "Fists of a bull", as Capri put it himself after the match, he was knocked down by Mann's immense punches in under fifty seconds, landing himself a quick win. What wasn't knocked down out of Capri, though, is his sportsmanship, having said purely good things about Mann after the match. Levan Botkoveli vs. Danny Okimoto; the finale everyone was looking forward to — and saw it deliver beyond expectations! Levan "The Lion" Botkoveli needs no introduction to anyone in Los Santos, even those who have not been keeping up with MMA; undefeated throughout every match he has fought at the Dome. The last champion at The Rockford Dome. Arrived all the way from Georgia, now owner of South Central gym in Los Santos, and has personally trained plenty of fighters who, just like him, competed in the very same arena. Danny "Kamikaze" Okimoto, similarly to Botkoveli, undefeated with a 4-0 record, thus far arriving all the way from Japan with a strong belief that he can knock The Lion off his throne and has been going for this belt from the very start. Both The Lion and Kamikaze demonstrating hand-to-hand combat, round 1-3. Round 1 First round of five, both began to balance their defense and offense, saving their energy, both managing to dodge multiple jabs from each other. With Okimoto managing to sweep in more jabs than Botkoveli, it lead to the belt holder ending up on the floor not too short of the round start. Botkoveli dodging one of Okimoto's rear hooks. Round 2 Round two followed two minutes after, this time, both were seen keeping more caution and space in between each other for the first part of the fight. Keeping up speed, quickly going from one corner to another, it felt like it was going to be a long fight. Not long after, just like last round, they eventually threw all they had at each other in the final stages of the fight, resulting in Botkoveli losing yet another round. Round 3 With the round starting practically the same as the previous one, it was still noticeable that Okimoto fought this one with more defense than in the previous rounds, carefully approaching Botkoveli but, once again, laying down hell upon him. Unfortunately for Botkoveli, this proved to be the last round, officially losing the championship to Danny "Kamikaze" Okimoto after a heavy uppercut into Botkoveli's chin. After Okimoto was proclaimed the new champion, one of our journalists managed to get an interview in with the champion himself. Upon being asked about how he prepared for the fight, he stated; "Lots'a training, lots'a good food." he says. "I really respect Lion, but to win? You really gotta have that hate in you, like you wanna maul him y'feel? Afterwards? It's all good again, it's a spur of the moment thing". How does the fight compare to your expectations you had before the fight? "He fought good — I don't get too caught up on the expectations n' all that. It's all about bein' in the moment for me." "Man's a good fighter, and I respect it", he added. How did you feel when you won and the crowd started cheering for you? What will you do with the belt? Will you hang it on your wall? "Y'know? Really feels euphoric" — "Nah, I'm gonna choke out my enemies wit' it, heheh!" " Jus' kiddin'." — "I'm gonna have it wit' me wherever I go, in bed — in the shower — wherever!" How do you feel about the outcome and should we expect more in the future? Is there a message you'd like to share with your fans or with the future challengers? "Feels f**** great, finally I got it. I'm lookin' forward to the next one." — "Love all'a ya, for my enemies? I'm comin' for ya. Heh!" > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  4. The dangers of being a taxi driver in Los Santos While being a taxi driver at first may seem to be nothing more than a courier's job, with the exception that the cargo is slightly more valuable, it in fact remains one of the more dangerous civil jobs this city has to offer. By SEBASTIAN REYNOLDS Generally speaking, taxis in Los Santos are slowly becoming more and more outdated, with day-to-day situations for young adults in favor of rentals and cheap vehicles. Nevertheless, it remains a very useful tool in specific situations, such as a drinking night out, after which driving would be plainly illegal. It's no secret that our city is seeing fewer and fewer taxi drivers as time goes on, but the answer to this may be buried deeper than just calling taxis outdated and old-fashioned, and to some, especially the people in the taxi business, it's no secret that being a taxi driver puts you in significant danger compared to any other transporting job. There are two types of robberies that can be done, and the obvious way is by customers simply refusing to pay and running out of the taxi like hell with the hope that they won't get caught. Luckily for the police department, a lot of these customers are also stupid enough to give their phone number directly as they call for the taxi. On the other side of things, not a lot of jobs can give a person with bad intentions an opportunity to go face to face with another person in a tightly closed space, at any location they desire. That is exactly why it's such a dangerous job and has been a problem for a very long time and unfortunately, not a lot of attention has gone to this. I decided to scavenge for someone with more experience on this topic than myself, so I was playing the waiting game as I was being driven from one side of LS to the other. My first fare was a gentleman who wasn't indirectly robbed, however mentioned that most of his money goes to the company and is, in a way, a robbery. I expected it to be a long journey before I find someone with real experience, however, already second fare in I met up with two driver friends who've been through both types of taxi robberies. "I don't have much experience with robberies, but I've had people walk out on fares. I guess that's an indirect robbery. Driver here was driving through Blaine County and ended up getting attacked by two skinheads." "There's that "I want to go to Paleto" gimmick." — "Yeah, folks will make you drive out towards Sandy or Paleto and hold you at gunpoint on the way there." "Yeah, it stopped me from doing those fares. Rather be robbed in LS." "Gotta keep your cab locked because people will just try to hop in it when you're parked." "Had two Europeans trying to force their way into my cab last night near Legion." "Not only do we get robbed, but these taxis generally do not function well." While sometimes it's easy to find the suspect because they leave their phone number, some are smart enough to use either burner phones or old telephone booths, therefore, taxi drivers should never rely on that information and should be encouraged to at least have a camera filming the entirety of the car's interior and at all times be avoiding masked individuals. At the same time, they should be extremely vary of rides to remote locations. Next time you find yourself using their service, remember to leave a tip to support our drivers! > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
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