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  1. Cancel Bike, 75 Granger available imediately
  2. Let's see the vehicles and talk in person.
  3. If you want to either get tops 60 or trade it up for Kamacho and you put money on top
  4. Just noticed it doesnt have any upgrades, go down to fifty five.
  5. Way too low, tried upwards from hundred.
  6. Kamacho for sell. Few miles on it, insurance is not a problem. It has a GPS, loads of cosmetic entchantments. Upgraded were the brakes, transmission, engine and a bigger turbocharger. It sits on OFFROAD wheels and tires. This is known to be the most durable and also the fastest truck there is. https://imgur.com/a/HNMBA3A Feel free to send me your offers.
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