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  1. Looking to sell my beloved car. She is fast! She is good on turns! She is sexy! Serious offers only, I still love her so I won't bother to sell her for cheap, I wouldn't mind keeping her! I won't even consider offers under 180,000! ((OOC STATS)
  2. Comet RS and difference from you! Has a lot of modifications
  3. 135 Grand, or Calvacade II with difference
  4. Still available, 70 Grand, I can negociate
  5. Dinka Akuma with the Dinka Performance Pack installed. Am interested in a Bati 801! ooc stats: .
  6. Dukes is supercharged with engine, breaks and transmission work done to it. Seraph is turbocharged with the same kind of upgrades done. Both cars are in perfect condition and are allowed to legally be driven on the public roads. I am also looking to buy a Caracara.
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